Weekend Highlights

Here are some weekend happs.
1. I am so glad that we were able to watch conference and hear all of the wonderful testimonies and talks that were given. All of the messages were wonderful!! Thanks to Tom and Heather who have DVR so that we could watch the sessions. Once we figured it out that (thanks to lds.org) we could watch on-line, we did!

2. Last night we went out with our friends and didn't get home til midnight. My mother-in-law was babysitting and said that Marcus had woken up once at 10pm but didn't eat much. I was so tired, I thanked her and went to sleep. This morning I woke up at 7:30am and realized I was the only one awake. Could it have been true? Yup, I quietly went into Marcus' room and there he was fast asleep! So, I went back to sleep, but he later woke up around 8am; but had pretty much slept the whole night! From 6:30 pm - 8am!!! Am I really that lucky!?! Then he took his morning nap at 10am and slept til 12:45pm!! Thank you Marcus!

3. We had some fun this weekend at our friends house; well kinda. Our Friends got this gig to "house-sit" for $100 a day. I guess I am in the wrong profession. They are there to let the dog out and to just make sure everything is OK. And, they are encouraged to sleep in the master bedroom...weird! OK so who needs a house-sitter you ask? Well, like I said before I happen to live in a rich area. So not only do these people need a house-sitter, but they also need someone to keep an eye on their 19 yr. old daughter whom they don't trust, to make sure she doesn't have parties and stuff.

Anyway, they have a huge house! Beautiful, too big for me, but they had a game room and it was so much fun. Tom currently holds the b-ball record, I tried hard to beat him...definitely a re-match! So our friends who are house-sitting said we could come over and play games, but Cameron and I both thought it was a little weird to be there "partying" while the 19 yr old daughter was also there. But, we went over anyways.

Needless to say, Cameron was so comfortable, I had to tell him a few times to stop snooping; get out of the fridge, and stop eating all their food. But did he listen?

Nope! Here he is making a chocolate pudding pie...in their kitchen, with their food!

Oh ya, by the way it was so horrible because the pudding was so OLD, we ended up throwing the pie away!!! yuck!


  1. Sounds like you 2 had some college-like fun this weekend!!

    I love how happy Cam looks in the pics to be using someone else's food, so funny!!!

  2. tell cam i said he's gay! only for the comment he put on my page. fag, lol.
    "love u moosh!" in my abnoxious loud voice.

  3. thanks for finding us and leaving a comment it is always fun to catch up with old friends! Marcus is so cute, congrats! AND i think the walmart love is a planted in hawaii with the costco / walmart runs!
    love, lacey