Layla Photo Shoot

Here are the sweet, sweet pictures of my baby girl. 
Thank you to my sister, Alana Yates for photographing our little angel. Check out her site here

Spidey Senses

My spidey senses are tingling.
It's that time of year again. 
I love Halloween and so do my boys.
Look at those muscles. 
Any excuse to live out a fantasy; it's like dress-up for boys.
Carry-on superheros.



This year Marcus participated in his very first AYSO Soccer Season. Cameron and I were so excited and like always, Marcus was super hesitant. It's one of those, I really want to try but instead of telling you that, instead I am going to cry and laugh and say I don't want to do it and make you drag me out on to the field and then constantly ask after, "did I do a good job?"

It really is darling but oh so frustrating. But, that's our Marcus.
Needless to say, after 6 weeks he was an aggressive soccer machine, I hardly recognized him. He went from, "I can't take the ball away from other kids" to "Did you see me score?"
We really are proud of him and once he found out he was going to receive a medal, it was like, "when is soccer?" He was totally focused on getting that medal. 

Cameron, thank you for making time every Saturday morning to participate with Marcus! AYSO did a really cool thing this year, no weekly practice. Just a girls and boys session every Saturday. Practice, followed by half hour of scrimmage and they even provided all the snacks. The only thing, a parent has to participate. I know he loved that special time, and me being 9 months pregnant in the hot sun, I really, really appreciated it! So thank you! Many, many more Saturday's to go...

Marcus good job! Keep growing and learning buddy, and maybe you will play basketball, baseball or volleyball (ya! Left handed pitcher or setter?? Yes please) Proud mommy!!


Happy 5th!

Happy 5th Birthday Marcus!

I cannot believe that Marcus is 5 years old today. Where has the time gone? 

Dear Marcus,

Thank you for being an awesome son and an even better older brother. You have such a sweet spirit and require so much love and patience. Mommy and daddy try to do our best when you get so shy and refuse to try new things. And we get so proud when you finally try something new and your face lights up with delight and accomplishment. I hope I do my best when you have a burning desire to learn and ask a million questions. I now know which planet and city every super hero is from and all about your likes and interests.

I hope that we show it enough and say it often that we LOVE you! I know it's not easy to be the oldest but you handle it well. Please continue to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Continue to fill this home with laughter and love. Remember the Lord always, and keep singing those primary songs!

I love you always and forever,
Mom xoxo


My Loves xoxo

Photo Shoot

This week my sister Alana (www.alanayates.com) took Layla's very first baby pictures. It was absolutely exhausting. I thought it was going to go much smoother but little spirits can be so demanding! I had all these ideas and poses along with props ready to use, and I had an exact picture of what the final pics would look like in my head. Boy, was I wrong! Here are a few shots I just had to share. I know there are some great ones that I will just love but these were too funny not to share. Love you Layla xoxo.

Baby Layla

Layla Kilinahehali`alaokamailelauli`ili`i Heide

I know this post is a little late, but I wanted to formally introduce you to the newest member of our little family. Two weeks ago today, baby Layla captured the heart of every single member of our family and I can already see that this once QUEEN of the house is now sharing her throne, if not stepping down completely.

After a terrible pregnancy, Layla (named by daddy) couldn't have come at a better time. Just like the boys I was counting on her arrival 2 weeks early, and 2 weeks early she came. In fact, it was 15 days early. She was born Sunday August 26th at 6:58 pm. She weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and 21.5 inches tall and I cannot imagine if I carried to full term. I know Cameron was thankful she came early.

To Marcus and Lohena, watch out! She's coming for you!
To my dear husband, thank you for everything; for putting up with me and for loving me. She is adorable. Can you believe we have 3 kids?....ahhhh....

Layla is a wonderful baby girl. She is sweet and  I know she will hold her own in this house full of crazy boys. Good luck Sweetie!

The Crazy Delivery 

Once again I managed to do it again. I waited way too long to head into the hospital and she arrived in 18 minutes from pulling into the ER. 18 MINUTES!!!! Talk about a heart-attack for my poor husband.

Early Sunday morning I was experiencing some contractions. Nothing unbearable and definitely not enough to be in active labor. However, that morning I had some unexpected blood and thought I'd better play it safe and make the drive to Queens. We woke the slumbering children and ran them to my moms; luckily it was the weekend. I was admitted but after a few uneventful hours and not-to-mention a few rude nurses I was practically kicked out. The nurse said condescendingly while rubbing my arm, "maybe in a week or so you can come back." Insulted, I was ready to pop her one. This was not my first child! Anyway, against my Dr.'s wishes I decided to go home, and I think it was the best for everyone. Exhausted and disappointed, I went home and slept.

After a few hours of sleep I woke ready to meet my contractions head on. I labored at home for a few hours. The contractions were strong but far apart, nothing too consistent. All I knew was that this was NOT going to take another WEEK!

I labored until it was unbearable. I knew I wanted to go natural and I didn't want to go back to the hospital and get kicked out again. So i jumped in the shower, packed my bag and timed my contractions. Finally, they were about 5 minutes apart and I could barely handle them. I called for Cameron and said let's book it now!! I called my Dr and headed into town.Once we hit the freeway I was convinced I was going to explode. I can only imagine what Cameron was thinking. He sped through traffic and let me squeeze his had until it was black and blue. Well, he did this to me right??

We whipped into the ER at 6:40pm and I knew she was going to come, and fast. I barely made it through triage when I convinced the little Filipino man to run me to labor and delivery, I'm sure he got a workout. When I finally arrived I ran into my room stripping off every last piece of clothing along with my dignity and leaving it at the door. I jumped on the bed and when the nurse asked if I wanted an epidural I asked, "when can I push?" She calmly began to check me and replied, "Do NOT push!" I was 10 cm and ready to go. But, my Dr was not here yet. 

Cameron, like a good husband recovered from the ride and stood by my side. My nurse ran out of the room and returned followed by at least five more nurses. I was in pain and was taking all my effort not to push. Nurses swarmed me and my Dr. came running in. I could see Cameron's shocked face in the background. He was pushed to the back and was quiet. With one leg hanging off the bed and the nurse trying to put an IV in my arm, they pierced the water bag and her head popped right out. I gave one push total and she was out. I couldn't even believe it. 

Finally the IV was put in and after all was said and done, I signed the paperwork stating that the hospital could deliver my baby. We are home now and the recovery has been great. Layla is a wonderful baby and I am eager to see who she will look like. We are all completely in love. 


Have you earned your stripes?

I have.

Baby Shower

Baby Shower Time! Who doesn't love a party? Well, it can be slightly uncomfortable when you are the center of attention at a party and you are very large and in charge. Everyone is looking at you, probably thinking, wow! she got big. Don't lie, you know you thought it at some point. Anyway, everyone has come for one purpose, YOU.

Here to celebrate the new life you are bringing into the world, and if you are anything like me, you are grumpy, 50 lbs over your normal weight, hot and tired of answering the same questions. But, I must admit it was a fun baby shower and I got to spend it with some of the best people in my life.

When I was pregnant with the boys, I was in Washington. I didn't have any of my Hawaiian family with me. I didn't get that HUGE family baby shower, but don't get me wrong, my Washington church sisters took good care of me. Anyway, so it was only fitting that I would have a party, plus I was having my first little girl.

Thank you to all that helped with food, decorations, and my crafts. I decided that I playing games is not as fun as eating and crafting. So instead of your traditional baby shower, I requested a crepes buffet. Nothing but crepes and every single topping you could think of. Fruit, whipped cream, nutella, ice cream even. Yum. And instead of games, we did crafts. We had "make one take one" hair clips,and a tie-dye station, Filled with onesies and socks. I loved it!

And thanks to Pinterest for keeping me up all night and helping us decorate! 
Love, love, love. 

Time flies!

I can't believe it has been since December since I've last blogged. I guess that's what happens when you find out you are pregnant in December and feel like CRAP for 9 long months. You just don't feel like blogging.

Well, there has been so many things going on for the Heide Ohana, besides the obvious. Some of them exciting and great and other's not so much. Needless to say, although 2012 is almost coming to an end, I am going to attempt to catch you up on as much as I can.