Cam's 1st Blog

So Kamaile is always on this stinkin blog thing and she tells me that all the husbands blog as well.  I am still waiting to hear from another husband that does.  I guess this makes me the 1st.  Yeah for me.  Anyways, just to fill people in on the real scoops, cause Kamaile just writes whateva she like.  So we're up in Washington and you all know, I dragged Kamaile up here and now she is the one who likes it up here.  I hate this freakin place, nothing but Doom & Gloom all the time.  Amazing how more people don't jump out of windows in tall buildings up here. ;)

I just started a new job, its pretty cool so far.  Talk about using your brain though, my new title is Project Engineer at Westlake Concrete Construction.  The people I work with are way cool and the work is really interesting, for those of you that know me, I've never said that about work before.  I start early but I get home by 4pm every day so its worth getting up early.  Although every day I wake up is like a shock to my body.  You can never get used to waking up early I don't care what anyone says.  

Now for the sappy crap.  I married the woman of my dreams, blah blah blah.  Oh and I have the coolest little boy in the Universe.  Anyone who like disagree, I false crack yo FACE!!!  But honestly I am very lucky to have a wonderful wife like Kamaile, she really supports me in all I do.  Sometimes I know she's worried about where we'll end up but things will work out.  If you don't know by now then I'll tell you, she's the worry wart, need a plan kind of girl.  Well at least for our future, but in other aspects she is pretty spontaneous and really fun.  

So in a nutshell, life is good.  It can always be better, but why worry about what you don't have instead of cherishing what you got.  



  1. Congrats on your first blog Cam! And I love the pictures of Marcus... makes me want to go do it.

  2. Welcome Cam! And Washington may be doom and gloom for much of winter and some of spring, but you HAVE to admit the Summer is more beautiful than anywhere!! (This comes from a girl originally from California and lived in Hawaii as well, both great places as well.)

    Also, can't disagree, Marcus is adorable and Kamaile is wonderful! I am so glad we met you and your family and can't wait to get to know you guys more! Congrats on the job, BTW. And husbands may blog, but Spencer doesn't, so don't feel bad.