Last week Wednesday Cameron and I, along with the rest of my family and close friends enjoyed 4th row seats at WICKED!! Oh Yeah! That's what I said. We sat 4th row middle and it was absolutely fantastic. The story line was great, the singing was amazing, I was nostalgic of my childhood and my date was not too shabby either. I used to watch the movie at my grandpa's house on repeat. Literally. I wish I could go again. Oh wait, and the best part....wait for it, yep; NO KIDS!!!!!! It really doesn't get any better than that! 
If you ever get a chance, see this show! 
Love, love, loved it!

Washington Family

This November we spent Thanksgiving in Washington with our friends and family. We were so fortunate that Cameron was able to take off 3 weeks. It was such a nice vacation and break from our everyday life that we struggled to come back to reality! I kept joking that we were suffering from PVD-Post Vacation Depression.

Anyway, the cousins picked up exactly where they left off, screaming, playing and running around the house. Between the two brothers, there are now SEVEN grand kids. So needless to say, it was a riot. I hope we can do it again soon!

Layla-3mo, Sela-10, Lohena-3, Marcus-5, Liam-4, Miles-7, Scarlet-5mo.

Scarlet & Layla

Layla & Daddy

Heide Cousins and Great Grandma Margit

Sela & I
Nana and her newest grand babies


to infinity and beyond

December 10, 2004
Laie Hawaii Temple

Eight years ago today, Cameron and I were sealed in the Laie Hawaii Temple for all time and eternity. We rushed to the temple that morning after Cameron's last final and made our vows together in front of close friends, family and God. Eight years ago we chose each other forever. Although it hasn't always been glitz and glam, we are surviving and finding joy in the journey (I'm pretty sure that is the definition of marriage).

Thank you for being the man that you are. For having an awesome family, (you really can't take any credit for this one) whom I love. For being even tempered (although it can be annoying), for working hard to support our family and for always putting us first. Thank you for going along with all the little plans I have and plan with out letting you know. For dealing with my crazy. Thank you for being able to fix cars, bikes, sinks etc. and build whatever I want. For having lots of hidden geek talents that come in so handy. Thank you for loving to be a kid like me, and acting so goofy. For daydreaming and spending time talking and wishing that we could be in Disneyland again. For having big dreams and goals and for seeing them through. I have NO doubt that you will accomplish all that you want to. I hope that you instill these characteristic to our children. Thank you for being so patient with them, when Lord knows I can't. Thank you for being a good father, for loving them and watching them to give me a break. Thank you for always having my back in parenting. Thank you for honoring your priesthood.  And thank you for understanding and supporting my love for volleyball. We may not be the most lovey, dovey couple, but we are without a doubt best friends! You are the first person I can't wait to tell all my drama or good news to. The shoulder I cry on, the one I laugh with and my everything. I am so thankful for you and our three beautiful, crazy children.

Here's to 8 crazy years, and a million more to go.

I love you!


3 months


This post is a little late because November came and went. It was a whirlwind of FUN visiting family and Mickey Mouse. But in the midst of it all, this little beauty has turned 3 months. She is so sweet, she smiles at everything, giggles out loud, poops like a champion and is beautiful. She makes our little family complete.