Happy Halloweenie

Buzz, Woody and Belle
October 2010

 Lohena, Cana, and Marcus making cookies

Yesterday we were invited to a Halloween party for the kids. We had a little costume parade, crafts and food. Marcus and I made "mummy dogs" and w e had a blast doing it. Marcus helped wrap a lot of the dogs.
Thanks Amalie, we had a lot of fun.

"Jack-O-Lantern is Pumpkin in Spanish"

At least that's what my friend's kid told her.

Marcus and I decorated and carved our pumpkins today. I love doing stuff like this with him, and he loves it too. He wanted to help, but after a few minutes, his hand hurt and he didn't help clean out the pumpkin because he didn't like his hands getting so dirty. Although, I did most of the "hard" work, it was worth it!

Park with Tutu

Tutu, Lohena, Marcus, Avery and Boy Paka
October 2010


Picnic's at the Park with tutu is always fun.


808 Bounce

We went to 808 Bounce in the mall a couple of weeks ago for a friends birthday party. The kids were excited to go, but when we got there Marcus was too afraid to go in. Lohena on the other hand practically lived in it the second we got there. We had to reassure Marcus that it would be fun and that he would be safe. We even tried to convince him to g in because the baby needed him. :o). An hour and a half later, Marcus finally went in, and never wanted to come out!  Geez kid!

The Faces of Marcus

His mouth is always open!

All- American Boy

Lohena runs away to the neighbors, and gets on his motorcycle, all by himself!
 I 'm really in for it with this one!

I've got my EYE on you!

When aunty Belle came home from Disney World, she brought back a few things for the boys. They absolutely love the Toy Story stuff, Bullseye and their shirts!

Thank You Aunty Belle,
We LOVE you!


The backyardigans

Marcus, Kira & Lohena aka The Backyardigans
Summer 2010

This is what we do outside everyday!