50th State Fair- Re-Post

(You should be able to see all the pictures now.)
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Happy 2nd Birthday to my Hena Boy!

We love you Hena. The last two years have been great and I cannot imagine life without you. You have brought our family love, joy and laughter and I can't wait for more. I hope you will stop saying, "you naughty!"
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Thank you Nana!

The other day, Hena boy got a package in the mail for his birthday, from his Nana. He was so excited he could hardly wait to open it! Thank you so much Nana for the Legos, one more thing mommy gets to learn how to build! :o) We LOVE you!!!
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50th State fair

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50th State Fair

Welcome to the Fair!
The kids asked to go everyday!

We started them off with the carousel.

Then the airplanes, Hena was kinda scared.

A quick game of fishing for turtles?? Of course the prize, another ball.

The race cars.

And the Swings!

I was so proud of Marcus he rode all the rides by himself. He thought it was so fun. The airplane one made my tummy go up and bit, but Marcus laughed so hard. He even rode the helicopters and the dragon ride. I cannot wait for Disneyland!


I bought the boys their first set of watercolor paints and they just went to town.
I think I have a few artists!
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