all boy

Here are some of the things Marcus likes to do! He is such a boy!

he is sipping water off his tray!

playing in the packing peanuts!

dancing to his favorite song


Bellevue High School Volleyball

As you know I coached at BHS this year with the girl's varsity team; it was a long season, but fun and rewarding! Our season ended yesterday (Saturday) after fought for a spot in the state tournament (we finished 3rd in our league and I think probably 7th or so in the district). I am so proud of the girls, they improved so much and did so well! Good job girls!
P.S. Check out the candy leis! thanks mom


Grandma Durrett

Last week my mom flew in to see us and watch some volleyball. If you didn't know I coach at Bellevue High School, and when we made it to the finals or play-offs my mom flew in to watch. We didn't expect to do so well, but we are still playing for states now. Needless to say, my mom should have extended her trip an extra week, because if we win on Saturday we are going to the State Tournament. Well, while she was here she spoiled us and we miss her already. Marcus had no problem going to her (best buds, see he remembered you!) and it was good to see her and for her to see Marcus!


We love you so much and miss you too. Thank you for all that you do for us, always supporting us and spoiling us! Marcus misses his grandma durrett!!! ;o)

Love you,


Princess Kira

My niece Kira is 3 years old and that is the least of any one's worries!! On Halloween she wouldn't say "trick or treat" or "happy Halloween" and her parents told her she couldn't get candy for free; that she had to say something! The next house when my sister told her she had to say "trick or treat" she simply put her hand is her face and said, "don't worry, I've got this under control!" And she said it! Needless to say her costume wasn't far off. What a little Princess!!


The Bun Baker

My sister-in-law and brother are expecting a baby boy in February, and we are so excited and happy for them. Anyway, this is what they were for Halloween, I thought it was so cute I just had to share!


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
This year we took Marcus to the ward trunk-or-treat/carnival and it was so much fun. Last night for Halloween, we went to a kids party and Marcus had a blast. Hopefully next year he will enjoy it a little more. But, he did get to eat some candy for the first time!

Sucking on a dum-dum