Kira's Drawing of Uncle Cameron

You may be wondering what this picture is, well it is a picture of Uncle Cameron. See, our niece Kira LOVES Cameron. She is new at this drawing people bit and has been cleverly trying to distinguish boy from girl, using a squiggley ling for a boy (ding-ding) and a "w" for a girl. So needless to say my sister was a little shocked when she saw that Uncle Cameron had 3 LEGS! Or so she hoped?!

Pretty sure the conversation went like this.

Kahala: Kira who is that?

Kira: Uncle Cameron

Kahala: Nervously asks (afraid her daughter may know too much at such an early age)
What is that? (pointing to the what-she-hoped was the third leg)

Kira: It's Uncles Cam's body, DUH MOM! (you know cus Cam's tall)

Kahala: OH! Kahala just laughs and walks away!

Unfortunately, Cam has a body but no private parts. hmmmmm......


ABC School

Story time/Snack time- Marcus had 2 muffins and tried to eat this poor girl's one when she wasn't watching!
Bubble time

Marcus' friend Clancy

Twice a month Marcus goes to ABC School, which is basically a play group put on by some Relief Society sisters in the nursery room, where the kids can play, have a snack and the letter of the day. This week the kids dressed up in their halloween costumes.

Issaquah Salmon Hatchery "field trip"

The weather here has been so nice that I have been trying to take Marcus out as much as possible. We have also been trying to engage in activities with other children. So every week we go to story time at the library, and then we walk over to the Salmon Hatchery to look at the fish, because Marcus loves fish! But, these fish are UGLY!acting like a ninja...
Marcus and the salmonOK, so when the salmon are ready to spawn (which is when they die. Their whole life is to spawn and then die!) they begin to change by getting snapper-like mouths and crazy looking scales. Needless to say, they are super ugly. At the hatchery they have tanks filled with fish ready to spawn, I hope you can see (how ugly) the fish through the reflection.


Feliz Cumpleanos

Last weekend was Jason's 30th b-day (Cma's older brother), so we made the trip down to good `ole Elma. We had lots of fun with the family, got to see the cousins and bust open the pinata. Her are some goofy pictures.


Not quite the cowardly lion

Just practicing for Halloween!

Actually Marcus just got out of the bath, and we thought he was too cute!