Aloha to Aloha

I thought this was so sad!
Having serviced the people of Hawai`i for over 60 years, Aloha Airlines says "aloha" to the Hawaiian skies. It saddens me to see that the people and businesses that originated in Hawai`i and have kept the people of Hawai`i employed, fail to succeed due to competition from outside sources. It is inevitable, and yet devastating to traditions and culture. I hope that the true aloha spirit and culture will never be lost! It is truly a unique and one-of-a-kind attribute that makes Hawai`i, Hawai`i:my home!  Unfortunate!

Today's highlights

1. Today Marcus was feeling much better so we woke up and went to aerobics! Heather Matthews' taught, and we did upper body weights! I had a lot of fun! I am so excited that Cameron and I went to Joes to buy me some hand weights. I even got a new pair of pants!!
*don't worry the count down continues!

2. We went to see Marcus' orthopedic Dr. for his feet and she was so pleased with the progress that his feet are making; so we are in the clear for now! Whoo hooo!

3. Cameron started his first day at his new job (West Lake Concrete) today! He is really excited, so hopefully things will go smoothly. He got a new phone and I guess he will be getting a company car as well. The ever-so-lovely Matthews' Family came by to give Cameron some oh so necessary first-day-on-the-job gifts. They brought him some doughnuts and gatorade. (inside joke i guess!) so silly! :o)


Spring Snow!?

Yes! Spring Snow! We are almost to April and we are still getting snow. The past few days have been so weird. We went out Friday night and when we came home snow was dumping! It was so weird and then it snowed again last night. Our friend's tree in the front yard even fell over and blocked the front door. This is so bizarre!


Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Shopping, shopping, shopping! Probably the scariest 3 words a man can hear!

Well, today Marcus and I went on a "play date". It was actually a little bit for me and a little bit for him. We went to the North Bend Outlet Mall with our friend, "April fresh" and her two kids Allie and Max! we had a lot of fun!! I got a pair of pants at Gap for $7.99 and Marcus got new pj's! And it snowed on us a few times, can you believe it?!

Well, I guess we wore the kids out because on the way home Max (11months) and Marcus were sitting in their car seats next to each other talking up a storm. When one cried the other watched intently, when the other stopped the other began. It was cute. But suddenly the talking stopped, and both Marcus and Max had zonked out!! it was so cute! poor guys!


Work it!

I need to lose my baby weight! It has been 6 months and I have definitely plateaued. So I am vowing right here right now where everyone can see and hold me accountable, that I am going to work hard to lose the rest of my baby weight, which is.....dum dum dum, I know you are dying...yes! a whooping, freakin 15 pounds!! shhh don't tell anyone! keep in mind I did gain 50 lbs. I know, I know, NO EXCUSES!

OK so to start it off...
Today I went to aerobics at Duthie Hill Chapel. We meet every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (hint hint everyone) On Monday and Wednesday we do a work out with weights. It was a lot of fun because Marcus came along with me. I think he had fun watching me dance around as well as the kids. He made a little friend, Daniel. Anyway, I can definitely feel that my buns are little tight but I absolutely love it! Hopefully I can get back into shape quickly!

And you need to eat healthy too, so tonight we went over to eat dinner at the Matthews (tom and heather). It was very good! She called it the worst looking best tasting soup...ever. And it was actually really good, we ate it all up! I think it had chicken, rice, spinach, carrots, celery, and potato. She should post the recipe on her site!
 Thank you for having us!!

So here we go, I will post my progress as I begin to shed the pounds! Starting today, the count down begins: 15lbs to go!


So first thing's first!

1. The volleyball team/league that I play with had our championship game tonight. We were first seat and favored to win, and we LOST! talk about complete devastation! Apparently every season we make it to the finals with this particular team and lose! i am so bummed, but not to worry we will seek revenge! 

Props: to my girl AJ who came out to play tonight and rocked it. I am so looking forward to spring season with you!

2. The cutest thing happened just now, my father-in-law who is completely computer illiterate, was using the computer (shock!) and when he went to close out, he had received a spam banner that was flashing in bright neon, that he had just won a laptop! Well, Cameron had just left, and I was downstairs and he started calling my name. When I came upstairs he stood in the hall pointing at the computer! I had to tell him that he didn't really win, and unfortunately it was a spam. Oh, if you could've seen his face! He was so bummed. He walked away shaking his head saying, "I really thought it was legit!" so cute ya!!

I am thankful for...

There are definitely a lot of things that I am thankful for, but here are just a few!

1. I am thankful for the Lord, he has really taken care of us, and we know that everything we have is from him and through his power!!
2. I am thankful for my husband, you loves me and works to support our family. He is always doing all that he can to help in any way possible.
3. I am thankful for my in-laws who have been so loving, helpful, and supportive. Plus, they bought us a new bed before they retired from the furniture biz! THANK YOU!!!
4. I am thankful for my son; as well as baby Tylenol & Oragel!

Saturday night and Sunday night, Cam and I didn't get any sleep. Marcus woke up every hour, crying for what seemed to be no apparent reason. I just about lost it! The next night I was completely terrified for a "hana hou" (encore) of the past two nights. Let me just tell you I prayed and prayed. I don't like to give him medicine just for the heck of it, especially when I don't know what the problem is! well, I finally came to the conclusion that his teeth are bothering him. Despite poor advice from our good-for-nothing Dr. who didn't even check his mouth when I told her he was teething; I found that besides his 2 teeth his is getting two more! He slept so well last night, I woke up before him this morning!!

And thus...

I am THANKFUL for baby Tylenol & Oragel!!
p.s. heather, i will be buying some baby Motrin as well!



This is such a cute picture, but kinda crazy!This was his very first cast! 1 week old.

This was when we were takingthe cast off. (it came off in the water!) That's when he used to fit in the sink! 2 weeks old!

Daddy holding Marcus, wearing his "special shoes".

OK, so for those of you who don't know, our son Marcus was born with a club foot. It is an over stretched and tight Achilles tendon which caused the foot to point inwards. The procedure was for him to receive a new cast every week for 6 weeks to help straighten out his foot. After 6 weeks, he had to have a surgery where they cut his Achilles cord, which was then casted for 3 weeks straight. It was probably one of the hardest things we had to do. Receiving funny looks was way worse and disheartening than concerned and curious people asking questions! Many days I didn't want to take Marcus out of the house or into public for fear of what others may think. But I found a lot of support from friends and family who dealt with a similar experience! Betsy's daughter Niki had two club feet, and it really helped talking with her. I had to keep reminding myself that I am lucky, things could always be worse!

Anyways, after 3 weeks in his final cast, a total of 9 weeks and keep in mind he had his first cast at 1 week old; he was to wear what we call his "special shoes". Shoes that keep your feet spread to shoulder width where his right foot was placed at a 45degree angle and his left at a 70 degree angle. His special shoes were full time for 3 months straight. And finally last month he has been without shoes except for all naps and nights! He absolutely loves his feet, now that he has discovered them. And sleeping with these shoes on was not easy, can you imagine?!

Although, the casts have strengthened his hips and back muscles and the shoes did teach him how to scoot around, flip, hit mommy in the back and especially the shins! ouch!!

But the funniest, since he is a wiggle worm is that he sleeps with no bumper guard, and this is how i found him after his nap today, crying for help and pissed off! i couldn't help but laugh!!

His feet are stuck in the crib poles! my poor bubba!
Cameron called me a mean mommy! i guess so! : )


Peep Show!

This may be a little X-rated, my friend sent it to me, but I thought it was pretty hilarious!

Happy Easter!

This is Marcus is his cute Easter outfit vest thing. Poor guy was so tired he couldn't even make it home. The best part is, we live seriously like 5 minutes away from church!

Me in my new Easter Dress. With the goof ball smile!

Happy Easter everyone!
I am excited because in just a little bit we will be having a feast! yum! Anyway, so last night was probably one of the worst nights we have ever had. Marcus just didn't want to go to sleep. He only wanted to be with me. So, needless to say I am a little tired, but not tired enough to miss out on giving my chessiest, goof-ball pose! So there!
That is a picture of my new easter dress. I was so excited about it, because I wasn't going to buy one, but when I went to Fred Meyer to buy groceries, I found it! And the best part was that is was 50% off! So it was about $30! deal!
So I was telling Cameron, (and ladies you can relate) one of the worst things is to go somewhere thinking you look great, and someone else is wearing your dress!!! For many of you that don't know where we live is the 2nd richest zip code in the US. (98075- Microsofties!) Everyone is so rich up here it is sick! Well, so when I made the comment about maybe someone having my dress, Cameron laughed and said not to worry because I got my dress from Fred Meyer!!! The very appeal to my excitement, is the very reason why someone around here would despise it! So, I guess i'm safe! Although, a few ladies told me my dress was nice and when I told them it was from Fred Meyer, they were just blown away! so HA!



I've been tagged by Aubrey-Lindsey Pomaika`ikamahiwahomaikalaulei`a Futral- My besses poopy in the whole wide world! ;)

5 things on my to do list today....1. pick up food for easter dinner, 2. buy mommy and marcus new easter outfits, 3. pick up our prescriptions, 4. take out the trash, 5. buy cam his jelly beans

What would you do if you had a million dollars?....since pomai said she would buy a yatch, i think i would save and invest all of my money, and mooch off of her and her yatch!

Three bad habits?.....1. thinking i know everything, that's a big one! 2. my lack of patience, especially with my husband! 3. anal. if i am in bed, i can't go to sleep unless i know everything is in order.

4 places I have lived......1. Hawaii, 2. Washington

5 jobs I have had.....1. Lead Writer and Editor for Hawaii Mrs Magazine. 2. Hostess-Ola Restaurant, Ruby Tuesday's 3. Assistant for Stubenberg & Durrett, Attorney at Law. 4. Polynesian Cultural center- Model, chee-whoo! 5.Volleyball Coach. These are just a few!

5 things people don't know about me...... 1. i have a farting problem. i can't help it! which may explain #2 2. i also have a pooping problem. can't hold much for long. 3. I'm very ticklish and i HATE to be tickled! 4. i love old movies 5. i snore! i hate that the most.

What is your hubby's name? Cameron Michael Heide

How long have you been married? this year will be 4 years! holy moly!

How old is he? soon to be 28 years young

Who eats more? him usually, but don't take me for granted!

Who said I Love You first? he did! it was actually a little awkward, because i think i knew i loved him, but i didn't say it for a little bit after! (yikes! that sounds kinda bad!)

Who is taller? Cameron by almost a foot!

Who sings better? i definitely do! and i am not just honking my own horn. sorry baby!

Who is smarter? he is a visual person, he sees it once, and will never forget. i am the opposite, if i read it i will never forget! we definitely equal each other out perfectly.

Who does the laundry? i do. he does only if i haven't, or i am out of town and he needs clean underwear. haha.

Who does the dishes? shared pretty equally.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? looking at the bed Cameron, laying on the bed, ME!

Who pays the bills? both make the money, both spend the money, and both pay the bills.

Who mows the lawn? He does, he likes that kind of thing. outdoors! i have once before, it was kinda fun.

Who cooks dinner? between the two of us...um...ME!

Who drives when you are together? both, but he hates when i drive, because i have a slight lead foot, and i hate when he drives because it is so slow! how slow? the guy has never gotten a speeding ticket...ever! old people put him to shame!

Who is more stubborn? me usually.

Who is the first to admit they are wrong? me. and i always apologize, and he says, for what? you don't have to, and that makes me more mad.

Who proposed? cameron.

Who has more friends? sorry, but i do!

Who has more siblings? i do!

Who wears the pants in the family? we both do! but usually what i say goes! hehe ;)

6 people I tag...
b and amy
that's pretty much all the friends i've got!

Oh Hail No!

ok. so i was under the impression that we had just entered "spring". you know i'm new to the whole mainland thing and not to mention the different weather etiquette. apparently, "spring" doesn't mean anything. everyone here says, because washington has a tendency to be...ummm...i dunno gray and rainy, not to worry because july 5th means summer. well, i guess winter was officially over, until i looked outside, and realized i was wrong. i get so confused, but i guess that is just the local girl in me. hawaii-blues skies and sunshine year round, sun with rain! man, there's no place like home!



Marcus and I went to visit some family in Utah last week. We had so much fun! He finally go to meet Uncle Kahi and Aunty Syani, and all of his cousins and famiy.

Here I am!

So I finally gave in! I have been saying that a lot lately, but it is true here I am. So to catch everyone up, here it goes.

Born and raised on Oahu, I went to play volleyball at BYUH where I met the "love-of-my-life", Cameron where he played basketball for BYUH. We fell in love and in December of 2004 we took the plunge! Shortly after I graduated in 2006, and we welcomed the arrival of Marcus Kanoheakameakahikupa`a Heide on September 10, 2007. He was 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 in long (he was born with a club foot, but is doing excellent!) Let me just tell you, you are never prepared for labor and motherhood!

We are now living in Washington, where Cameron is from, and where I am fortunate enough to stay home and raise my son, while writing and editing for a women's magazine. Cameron was just offered a job as a Project Engineer and we couldn't be happier!