Catch Up

First of all, Congrats to Cam and his first and probably last blog; but who knows.

I didn't get to blog yesterday because our internet was out, and let me just tell you, I didn't know what to do with myself. Yesterday mysteriously our cable, phones, and internet all went out. (Comcast) I was seriously dying! Apparently only our house had a "bad connection" but we managed to have fun anyways. We played gin rummy, we were laughing and teasing each other. Sometimes you forget how much fun you can have without the TV on or the internet!

Tuesday was my outside league's first volleyball game of the spring season. It was so much fun, we won of course! We are seeking revenge this season after a devastating loss last season. My friend AJ played with me at BYUH and is also on my team, so we are gonna rock!

I wanted to post this pic to show you all that I used to be able to jump high and rock it. Maybe one of these days I can do it again!! ;o) The one on the left is me.


  1. You still have cute buns and legs like in the picture :)

  2. Great pic! I am jealous that you are still playing...I miss it.

  3. I'm sure you still "Rock it!!!