Hawaii Theatre

Last Wednesday we took the kids to their very first opera, Cameron's too; The curse of Lao-Ling. It was short and and sweet and very cute.

It was the first time any of us had been to the Hawaii Theatre. A gem nestled in the heart of China-town; glowing with bright lights and immaculate tiled walls and gold trim. The audience was filled with children and they were encouraged to participate. Since the opera only had three people, (yep, 3) every performance they ask for six volunteers from the audience and they teach everyone the songs so we too can participate.

Marcus and Lohena loved it and I was very proud of Cameron for keeping an open mind.

I want to thank my daddy for making it a point to expose us as young children to the arts and wonderful world of music and theatre. I am so grateful that I have been able to experience some great and creative performances like, Fiddler on the roof, Phantom of the Opera, Honolulu Symphony, The Nutcracker, Lion King, front row James Taylor concerts and so much more; and I hope to do the same for my children. Next month we are going to see Wicked and I am so excited!


in my bed

Sweet baby girl. 
She found her way into my bed...again. I am such a zombie.
I remember with Marcus, I woke up and changed him, fed him burped him, rocked him and an hour later finally fell back asleep only to do again a few hours later. 
And now, I have no idea what happens. 
Poor third child. 

Look at these squish-er-in--ers.
(Lohena, Layla & Marcus)



I know that you have seen pictures of the boys dressed as Spider Man, but I needed to document this. Yes, Cameron is a Giant Nerd; I am a #2 Pencil and baby girl is a Spam Musubi. Until next year...I love Halloween!

Mr. & Mrs. Conway

Layla's first flight 2012

Last weekend, Cameron, Layla and I went on a small weekend getaway to Palm Springs. This was Layla's first trip and a much needed trip for Cameron and I, especially me! Side note, she did awesome!

Anyway, we flew up to see one of Cameron's childhood buddies, Scott get married. Scott was also in our wedding line, and we wouldn't have missed it for the world. It was so nice to be a part of this special occasion and share and enjoy in the love and fun that this couple and their families had to offer. Such a gorgeous bride, wedding and evening.
Me and Layla waiting for the wedding to start.

The gorgeous wedding reception at The Parker.
Cameron and Scott.

Fairy Tale Reception

Cocktail Hour

Adorable favors. 
Yes, I slipped into a pair of slippers as the night went on. And I sat at the Alice in Wonderland Table.

Photo booth fun. 

Although we didn't know anyone there, and I don't know the groom very well, and this was my first time meeting the bride...AND Cameron made me stay at the Holiday Inn (which was the bomb) we had so much fun. It was a small intimate gathering filled with people who obviously loved this couple. 

In this life I hold tight to those few friends who have stuck it out with me throughout the years. Those who have shared tears and laughs, even toys and boys. There is nothing like picking up exactly where you left off, as if time has suspended. Friendships like these are far and few and worth holding dear to the heart. I have met so many great people and cannot wait to see our new, old friends again soon. 

Congratulations and best wishes for a long, love-filled and prosperous marriage!
*I forgot this photo in the original post.
**They are having their first dance to song, "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid! So stinking cute!