Kahuku Grown

featured againAlan Akina President of 101 Financial
Honolulu Advertiser March 30, 2010
Some awards-Fastest growing 50, BBB Torch Award, & the Inc. 500


Potty Training Thumbs Up

Marcus 3/2010 potty training thumbs up

With the exception of night time, we are proud to announce that Marcus is potty trained. It was literally out of nowhere. One day Marcus just decided he was done wearing diapers and wanted to use to toilet. I introduced him to the toilet a few months back, but it didn't really stick; but now he enjoys using the potty and sometimes just sits there! I don't even have to ask him, he just goes to the bathroom and does his business. Today was the first time we went out for a long time, so I put a diaper on him, but while we were at the restaurant, he took care of some business there! I am just so proud of him.

{This is what I chant to myself}


What the HAIL?

The weather here is so fickle.
Some days we bask in the sunlight, and others are spent like this.
I can't wait for summer!



Future Daddy $

I am sitting here at the computer when I see and hear Marcus scolding Makana (the little girl I watch every day) and I couldn't help but laugh.

She came over to him with a pair of the baby's pants. Marcus, being a defensive big brother, told her to put it back, and it went a little something like this.

Marcus: Put it back, Ana!
Makana: NO!
Marcus: Now!
Makana: NO!
Marcus: Listen! 3-2-1! okay, time out!
Me: It's okay, it's okay. she is fine.
Marcus: No, time out. (he took her hand and grabbed the pants and gave it to me.)

I couldn't help but laugh and thought,
Wow. That's what I sound like!
Well, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery.

You are invited

What: to a 101 Web Seminar

For many of my followers you have already noticed that I am really into paying off debts as fast as possible and allowing myself to be in great positions to create wealth. If you are skeptical, please know that I plan on having my car paid off by May and my home soon to follow.

I have gained knowledge using the 101 Financial program and want to share it with everyone, because I know it works. If you are interested, this week there will be a few Web Seminars taking place and you are invited to join.

This week there will be 3 webinars-Wednesday the 17th and 2 on Thursday the 18th. What is a webinar? It is a 101 Financial Seminar that takes place on the Internet, so that we can talk to many people in many different places. A webinar is a virtual conference room where you enter into confidentially. There are no cameras and only one person talking- a real person. They will show you a power point and explain how 101 can change your life.

It is FREE, quick and if nothing else, great knowledge.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me so that I can e-mail you the LINK and you can hear how my life & many other lives are changing and benefiting from this everyday!

email me for the link- kamaileheide@yahoo.com

Have a 101`derful day!


While I was out

While I was in Hawaii,
Cameron wanted to surprise me;
so he added a really pretty back splash to the kitchen.
It's not completely finished, but I Love it!


Happy 8 months old

Eli-James Lohenaokealaka`i Heide 8 mo. old

8 months old today.
where did the time go?
what a joy & honor
to have in our eternal family.
i cannot imagine life without him.
we love you!


This is why it's hard to leave...

Beautiful Beaches
Sunshine (forgot how nice that was!)

Hanging out with the family
Uncle Piko & Cousin Kira
Grandma with her grand babies
(just missing Kamahele)
Good times...
As you know this trip was short. Kind of a tease. As I have gotten older and so have the children, it truly gets harder and harder to leave. Finally Marcus is comfortable around my family, and finally he and Kira are best buds. Marcus played so hard I hardly saw him. My mom was afraid he wasn't going to warn up to her and the first day we got in he wanted to go with grandma and uncle piko by himself. The next day he went with grandma to work. Everyday when Kira went to school he was so bummed and waited patiently for "dira" to return. We indulged in custard filled malasadas, shave ice with mochi, snow cap, and ice cream (dang thing cost $5) and lots of plate lunch. Even though Marcus kept telling grandma "Hawaii hot" he didn't want to leave her behind. And when grandpa dropped us off at the airport, and he didn't understand I struggled to fight back tears! As Cameron always says give me a week and I'll be fine. ;o)
I miss my family so much and am so thankful for all that they have given me.
Thank you for raising me in such a beautiful place. Thank you for exposing me to such a loving and extremely unique culture that cannot compare. I have truly been blessed to be so loved, I hope I can give the same things to my children.
we LOVE you!


We survived the TSUNAMI

In my family we call it "Durrett Luck". The can't-catch-a-break-all-you-can-do-is-laugh kind of luck. Although I may be a Heide now, the blood of the Durrett still runs strong. Needless to say, of course the already super short week that I am home, is the week that Hawaii has a tsunami warning and I am confined to the house all day with nothing to do; but listen to the same spiel on the news and fall in and out of some much needed sleep!

Luckily , we were able to keep ourselves entertained with Beatles Rock Band. {Marcus' favorite}

Marcus & Cousin Kira Tsunami 2010

Marcus wasn't plugged in and Kira can't really read, but they were still able to finish every song and with an average of 70%!