PSP Women

Last week my women's team, PSP went to Hilo for the 54th Annual Haili
Volleyball tournament. We fought hard and came in 3rd out of 16 teams! Not bad, not bad at all!
Women's A bracket-3rd place!


Love, Love, Love

love DIY?
i absolutely love this site.
cameron has built me a table and now i have plans for
a credenza. check it out.
thanks pomai for sharing.



Hair Pin Flower Pot

I made this for my girlfriend's new baby girl.
A flower pot for all the hair pins a little girl could want.
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Love them!

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We don't really have any furniture in our home because, well, it's so dang expensive, and we have all of our things back in WA. so we're not really sure on what we're doing right now. I got this little end table for free and sprayed it blue, found this clock for $20 and sprayed it black, and my favorite, Cameron built me my farmhouse dinner table. Don't worry, I'm sure I will be posting soon enough how cluttered my house is.
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Families For Real Pre-School

Marcus started Preschool.
That sentence makes me feel proud, happy, sad, and old.
I cannot believe that my little boy is starting preschool.

He was super apprehensive about it, but now he looks forward to it. It is a transitional school that encourages the families to participate. We go once a week and I pack him a lunch, he brings his backpack, he paints, sings and plays basketball, he even made some friends. he is doing so well, at the end of school he said,  "Mom, I think we can go back again."

He brushed his teeth, wore his new outfit Great Grandpa Durrett bought him, grabbed his sack lunch and bag and told me to hurry up! He said, "we're gonna be late already." He is learning to write his name, so he can get a library card.
Not bad.
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This kid makes me nervous. He is so clingy, and like his mommy afraid of anything new. But slowly, slowly, he is making progress. So proud of you Marcus.

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There's no place like home

As promised Mama Rosa, some pictures for you.
Don't forget, click on the photos to enlarge.

These are a few pictures of our new little place. It is a little messy because I took these on the moving day.
The kitchen, the nook looking out at the patio. the backyard/patio, the living/nook, the hallway, and Cameron in the living room.

We had a bunch of left over decorations from Marcus' birthday party last year, so I thought why not decorate their room. Marcus taped everything up himself, and Lohena pulled it all down again. Anyway, the boy's had a blast decorating their room.

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Cheap fun

I bought this robot halloween costume at Children's Place on clearance for 99 cents and the kids think it is hillarious. It doesn't fit because it's size: 6 months!
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A new mommy house

Well, we finally did it. Yep, we moved out.
I finally found a place close to Cameron's work, my parents,
Target and Costco that was not only move in ready, but an unbelievable price (for Hawaii).

We are just a few miles away from my parents, but in our own cozy, little space.
 A place we can call our own.
 As stressful as the move has definitely been,
 we are ready to rock `n roll in our new place,
beside the few major details, like we don't have any furniture besides our beds-
Other than that, the kids are so excited and they are loving their new space.

I will post some pictures soon.
But for now, here are some recent pics of the kiddos.
As exhausting as they are, I live to see their beautiful, smiling faces
 and be knocked over with bear hugs. 
They are so CRAZY!

Side note: This week end Kahala (my sister) watched the kids while Cameron and I moved.
She was exhausted!
They ate all her food, destroyed her house, sharpied her fridge and broke the fan.


There is beauty all around

I am grateful for beautiful Hawaiian sunsets, gorgeous Hawaiian flowers
and warm Hawaiian weather.
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Gunstock Ranch

Took these little guys to Gunstock Ranch in Kahuku for a birthday party. Of course, Kira was the only one who actually rode the horse, Marcus and Lohena watched in awe and settled on simply petting this beautiful creature. When these three are together, only craziness happens!
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The "catch" of a lifetime

Lohena's first fishing experience
Marcus' first catch...ever!
A catch Marcus did all by himself. (He caught 4 that day!)
In sequence

For Christmas this year, all Marcus asked for was a fishing pole. What 3 yr old asks for that? Well, he got his wish, a Buzz Lightyear pole to be exact, among many other things, and he made us all proud with his very first catch. While Lohena ate all the bait, my brother Kahi and Marcus patiently awaited for that single, most-fulfilling "bite". I couldn't believe how calm and focused he was when it came down to it. Kahi gave him instructions and he listened and followed. Granted the fish were so small, but the experience and memories were huge and will last a life time. Thank you uncle Kahi for taking us, we will never forget.

Mrcus says he needs to take his daddy back and teach him how to fish. :O)
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Life in Paradise

Well, we have been "home" now for quite sometime and I can honestly say that I and I am sure others are disappointed in my blogging skills, or shall I say the lack of. Things have been pretty crazy here. I finally got a cool new camera (Cannon T1i) and a new computer to keep up with all the pictures I have been taking. So here it goes; Cameron has a new job which he enjoys, but works like crazy. But, we are so grateful for him and all that he does for our family. The kids just play outside all day everyday, and even though we didn't bring a lot here with us, we have already accumulated more than what we have in storage waiting for us back in Washington; at least in toys.

Other than that, Cameron and I are the cub masters in our ward's Cub Scout program, which we enjoy very much. Marcus and Lohena play at the local YMCA every week while mommy gets a break, I mean a work-out and next week Marcus will be starting a transitional preschool program at Pearl Highlands Elementary. Lohena runs a muck like always, and I have re-kindled a few childhood friendships and my love for volleyball. In fact, my women's team will be traveling to the Big Island this month to compete.

I am not one for change, and I have been struggling every day with this new chapter in my life. However, I promise I will get back to blogging and my passion for life; because there are too many good things in my life not to share.