Allergy Update

Most of you know that Cameron has bad food allergies and asthma; and because of it I was very good about what I ate throughout my pregnancy and while I have been nursing. Well, I finally had enough (selfish I know!) and decided that it has almost been 18 months since I had peanut butter, recess peanut butter cups, snickers, and a lot of egg and soy products, so I decided to get Marcus tested.
So, this week I took Marcus to see the allergy and asthma specialist, and after poking his back with 6 different little shots, we discovered that he is completely healthy and not allergic to peanuts, soy, cows milk, eggs, wheat, or egg whites. He did so good, he didn't even cry but barely flinched.
Hello PB&J!

P.S. It is SNOWING here tonight! what the heck!

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  1. That is so exciting! No bake peanut butter cookies here you come!!!