This afternoon Marcus and I went to our friend's birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese's. I know Marcus is a little young, but when I heard where the party was going to be held, I pretty much invited myself! I was so excited to go and play ski ball and shoot hoops; and let me just add that I hold the new Bellevue Washington Chuck-E-Cheese's basketball high score!! woo-hoo 46!
Anyway, Marcus had so much fun! He loved the rides, he ate some pizza (crust) and I had such a great time with him! I think I had more fun than he did!
Here he is driving the trolley with friend Max.

Here he is attacking friend Max. (I think he got so excited he started biting or kissing, we're not sure!)


  1. That picture of baby "biting" that other kid's head is hillarious!

  2. Whoa, SO CUTE! I love the pics! He looks so much bigger just from the 2 weeks that I haven't seen him. I can't even believe it. I get in at 905pm tomorrow but I'll call you anyway.
    Thank you and lub you.

  3. You are always invited wherever we go, you know that!! And I am SO glad you came otherwise who knows how I would have been able to handle all the kids. :o) And we had fun too!! I am SO done with birthdays and cake though. 3 in 5 days, eek!!

    Oh, and I think Marcus saw his opportunity to get Max back for pushing him down on Sunday, so he decided to give him a little love bite!!