Happy Anniversary! {7 years}

Seven years ago today Cameron and I were sealed in the Laie, Hawaii Temple. I can hardly believe it has been that long ago. I will admit sometimes it feels like a lot looooooonger than that. Yesterday we ditched the kids and  spent the night at the temple. It was such a wonderful way to spend our anniversary. After a wonderful session at the Laie Temple, Cameron and I did some sealings. It was special to kneel there for another couple and feel the spirit, remembering our own marriage in the same temple.

I am not going to get all mushy, instead I am going to try to think really hard and pull out some stats:

In the last 7 years we have,
-been pregnant twice
-have 2 children :0)
-bought and owned 11 cars
-lived in 6 places
-attended 5 different wards
-own 2 mortgages
-met Ray Allen
-met Kate Hudson
-attended a few professional sports games
-helped Marcus through 2 surgery's
-paid off close to $100,000 in debt
-took the whole family to DISNEYLAND!
-witnessed 2 of my my siblings get married in the temple
-got a stamp on my passport, Victoria B.C.
-drove to Utah in the snow to be with Kahi
-coached volleyball and basketball (cam and me)
-became the cub master

It's getting late and before this gets any more lame I will just stop. LOL. It may seem a little uneventful to you but the memories are enough to last a life time. Thank you to my husband who woks hard to provide for our family and for my children who irritate the heck out of me.

Here's to an eternity more to go!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

December 3, 2011

Our tree is finally up. 
It is decorated and shining. 
It stands a little taller than four feet but it's symbolic presence is that of a giant.
The children know that it is the Christmas Season.
Our little home is filled with the smell of pine, and the lights shine bright.
The kids looked forward to the weekend, where we could pick up the tree and
Marcus picked this little guy out and he fits perfectly in our home.
With the Christmas music playing, Cameron and I watched the kids in their Santa hats decorate the tree.
Marcus and Lohena couldn't stop talking and bouncing around they were so excited!

This year feels so different.
 The hustle and bustle hasn't really hit me yet, 
the shopping is done and there wasn't much that the kids asked for.
I think this year with the boys being a little older will be a good opportunity to teach them about the true meaning of Christmas. 
I am so thankful to have Christ in my life. He leads us, comforts us and died for us.
This season is a celebration of his life.
I hope everyone is enjoying this Christmas Season!
Happy Holiday's!

Lohena 2011

Marcus 2011

The boys

My babies


Marcus' First Day of SCHOOL!

Marcus-Makakilo Baptist

Today was Marcus' first day of Pre-School. Yes, it is a little late in the school year, but nevertheless, he is officially a student. He attends 5 days a week 7:30-11:30, a perfect transition, except the waking up early part; we are ALL struggling with that one.

Well, what happened was by the time I decided to really look into the whole school situation for him, I was screwed. I had literally missed every cut-off possible for Marcus or financial aid. I cannot even begin to tell you how infuriating the public school system is here in Hawaii and how expensive the Private School situation is either, but I don't want to ruin a perfectly good post for my big-boy, on that crap.

So, back to the the topic at hand. I finally got on the wait list for Makakilo Baptist and an opening came up. We thought long and hard and enrolled Marcus, that's why he is starting so late. Anyway the fist day was a complete success! He LOVED it.

There were no tears shed by my big boy. I'm not gonna lie I cried and so did Hena-boy, but I couldn't tell if it was for Marcus or because he didn't get to stay at school. DON'T worry fellow moms, I held it together until I turned the corner. phew. I guess all the hesitation I was experiencing this week when making a decision to send him, might have actually been from me. hmmm...no one ever said letting them grow up was going to be easy.

Anyway, he stayed, he listened, he played, he said the Pledge of Allegiance, he held the flag and before I knew it, me and Hena came to pick him up. Hena ran to him and gave him a huge hug and said "bruddah I missed you"! I guess "special" one-on-one time was a little boring for Hena boy today. Anyway, he is excited to return and I cannot believe that my baby is in school.

Tonight, regretfully I was a little hard on him. I felt horrible. He really is such a good kid, poor thing being the oldest. Marcus I do want you to know that mommy and daddy love you so much and are so grateful to have an obedient son like you. I hope that you will never forget how happy we are to have you in our eternal family and how proud we already are of you! I love you!


ELi-James Lohenaokealaka`i Heide 7.09.09

When I think of Lohena I think of my love-bug.
Hena-boy made 2 this past July. Where has the time gone.
My sweet, easy-baby is growing everyday.
He has his papa Heide's big hands, his father's mischievous smile, sensitive like his mother and intuitive and quick to learn.
Every morning my cuddle-bug stumbles into my bed.
 I don't even think he know he does it. I wake every morning with him playing with my hair, and him sucking on his two fingers (middle and ring).
He is stubborn, loving, and kind.
He is sweet and funny.
He makes me laugh every day.
And he has the role of being the "baby" down.
I am such a sucker for him.
He has no fear. 
He is willing to try anything and will jump off of anything.
He is a daredevil.
I know that I will have my hands full with him in the future.

I love you Hena-Boy!

101 Financial money saving e-guide

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a 101 Financial Student University. If you are new to my blog you might be wondering what 101 Financial is.

 In a nut shell, 101 is a Financial Education Company. Started in 2002 by local boy Alan Akina, (you may recognize him from the KHON2 morning news-Financial Segment and Thrifty Thursday's clips) he has shared his dreams and his passions with thousands of locals and even main-landers; teaching us how to achieve Financial Freedom. Learning simple but new and unconventional methods of everyday banking, Cameron & I have paid off close to $90K in the the last 3 years to our debt. In fact, in the last 3 months we have paid an extra $11,000 to our mortgage principle payment and hope to have our home paid off in the next 2 years.

Needless to say, this University was filled with speakers and money saving tips. I was able to refresh my knowledge and meet and share stories with others.

I know, I know get to the point. What I wanted to share with my readers, family & friends is that 101 Financial is offering a FREE money saving e-guide. All you have to do is like the fan pagewww.facebook.com/101financial 
and you can download your

If you would like to know anything else about taking control of your Financial life and achieving Financial Freedom, please check out my page 
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Happy Halloween 2011

Really blurry, but we were Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head,
Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

Have a spooky & safe Halloween!

Marcus 9.10.2007

This is Marcus.
My fun-loving, creative, extremely stubborn and shy 4-year old.
It's funny.
I've been trying to upload these photos of him to mark his 4 year old shots, all-day now. Only now I have been able to sit down and blog. Ironically, here I am trying to be sweet and sentimental of where-oh-where-has-the-time-gone, kind-of post all the while
Marcus is screaming in a full-blown tantrum in his room.
I cannot help but giggle to myself.
I'm sure my neighbors at this very moment think I am beating my child senseless. If only they knew he was doing it to himself.
This kid is a funny one to explain.
My mom says he and I are the same.
I guess this is payback.
Beside the occasional temper tantrum Marcus really is a good kid.
He listens and picks up quickly. He is a great big-brother, he loves to learn.
He draws until the pen run out of ink and sings "It's a Small World" every single day.
He wants to please others and is so scared to try anything new. He keeps me on my toes and reminds me of why it is such an amazing pleasure to be his mother.

Marcus, I love you and hope that you have a life filled with love, adventures and wisdom.

Thank you Alana Yates, my not-so-baby sister for the wonderful photos.
He was such a little poser.
Alana Yates Photo+Design


50th State Fair- Re-Post

(You should be able to see all the pictures now.)
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Happy 2nd Birthday to my Hena Boy!

We love you Hena. The last two years have been great and I cannot imagine life without you. You have brought our family love, joy and laughter and I can't wait for more. I hope you will stop saying, "you naughty!"
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Thank you Nana!

The other day, Hena boy got a package in the mail for his birthday, from his Nana. He was so excited he could hardly wait to open it! Thank you so much Nana for the Legos, one more thing mommy gets to learn how to build! :o) We LOVE you!!!
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50th State fair

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50th State Fair

Welcome to the Fair!
The kids asked to go everyday!

We started them off with the carousel.

Then the airplanes, Hena was kinda scared.

A quick game of fishing for turtles?? Of course the prize, another ball.

The race cars.

And the Swings!

I was so proud of Marcus he rode all the rides by himself. He thought it was so fun. The airplane one made my tummy go up and bit, but Marcus laughed so hard. He even rode the helicopters and the dragon ride. I cannot wait for Disneyland!


I bought the boys their first set of watercolor paints and they just went to town.
I think I have a few artists!
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Pill Box

Pill Box, Kailua.

This hike was pretty simple, but the view was anything but.
I am so thankful for my health, all the bauties of this island and
for the love of my friends and family!