Ginger Bread House

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to a friend's house and make gingerbread houses. This was Marcus' first experience and it is safe to say it was a SUCCESS! Granted he spent most of his time just eating all the candy, but he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He was playing so well that every once in awhile he would come to me and say, "Mommy, no bye-bye, okay?!" Not to mention our gingerbread house looks fantastic!
Thanks Jenny!

Happy Holiday's

Maybe this is tacky, but for all of you who

we may not get to see often,

we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and the best of wishes for the New Year!

Love & Aloha,

the Heide's

Jolly `ole St. Nick

Last weekend, our Church had our annual Christmas Breakfast, and as always Santa Clause made his appearance. Marcus didn't want to get near him and instead of crying he went limp. His whole body went limp, and we had to drag him away...However, Lohena had no problem. This year Nana and Grandpa came with us and so did our dear friend Erika and her beautiful daughters, Kai and Makana. Marcus absolutely loves these girls. When it was time to say good bye he chase both sisters down and gave them great big kisses on the lips. He looked really pleased with himself.
This year our ward participated in "The Giving Tree" where all donations directly benefited Issaquah Food Bank. Our family participated by granting 2 wishes for different children. My heart broke when I read their Christmas wishes!
14 year old girl- new underwear and socks
14 year old boy- boxers
Often times we are so caught up in the material items and what we want that we don't even stop to think about others. 2 teenagers, and all they want is some new underwear. I am grateful for all that I have and I am grateful that I can give my children what they want; BUT I really hope that what they learn most about Christmas is GIVING!
I hope everyone has used this season to give service to someone else. Don't worry, if you haven't done so, there is still time!!
Happy Holiday's!


5 months and 5 years!

On December 10th Cameron and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary; well he had class so Marcus and I made homemade Pizza and watched a movie! I just cannot believe how fast it has gone. I guess, time flies when you're having fun?!? My pretty flowers.
On December 9th, my sweet little baby Lohena made 5 months. Time really does fly! I was getting ready for church while he played on my bed, when I turned around
he was fast asleep! I love this little guy!

It's getting cold

It has really started to get cold here again. I can easily say, not my most favorite time of the year, nevertheless a change. A change that welcomes frosty lawns, icy driveways, warmer clothes and shorter days (the shorter days, is the one that kills me).

Needless to say, we have found ourselves, bundled up in bed and never leaving the house most of the days. Which means we have to fill our short, cabin-fever days with exciting new tricks. Yes, tricks. Hand-painting (I was nervous the entire time), baking (Marcus' favorite), crafting (my favorite) and cleaning (Cameron's favorite- keeps me from going out and spending money!)
CUTE STORY: The other day we were driving and it got really foggy.
Marcus: mommy, snow!
Me: no, it's fog buddy.
Marcus: WHAT?
Me: FOG!
Marcus: WHAT?
Me: FOG!
Marcus: WHAT?
Me: FOG!
Marcus: (nodding his head) OH YA! RIBBIT!
(he though I said Frog!)

Here are some of the things we have filled our short, dark, gloomy,
(well, you get the point) days with.
I don't know why they love this so much!
Wrapping other people's presents when the kids are awake.
This kid moves around so much, he gets stuck in the weirdest places!
Brotherly LOVECameron gave Marcus a pair of his basketball socks and he has
been obsessed with them. Wears them everywhere!
Lots of dancing, and apparently I'm not allowed to dance anymore!Just laying around!

Family Pictures 2009

{Cameron's jacket and hat when he was a little kid!}

A month or so ago, I took the boys to take their 3 month and 2 year pictures, however, it didn't turn out as well as I thought. This time we went back and took daddy with us, so much better!

Merry "CHRIST"mas

Saw this the other day and just laughed...
well, it's true!


Bellevue Botanical Gardens- D`Lights

Every year the Bellevue Botanical Gardens does a fantastic night show. It is amazing. Most of the "greenery" is not even draped over exisitng plants, but instead it is crafted out of lights to look like plants, flowers and the occasional "critter". It costs about $60,000 to put on, so they ask for a simple $1 donation. That, we could do. Talk about sensory overload, Marcus was screaming in the car as we got close to the lights. Needless to say it was aboslutely amazing, creative, and fun family time. If you live near, check it out!

Aunty "Ani" & Uncle 'Tyter"

For the thanksgiving week my little sister, Alana and her husband, Tyler drove up from Utah to spend it with us. WE were so glad they could make it here safely, and that the weather was nice enough to do some sight-seeing. Marcus had a blast with them, and was comfortable the minute he saw them, especially Tyler. The morning they left on the dreaded 13 hr. drive, Marcus woke up and said, "mommy, where'd dey go?" I responded thinking we were gonna have another "piko incident" and said, "awww...they went home." He looked down, was really sad for a moment then looked at me and said, while jumping, "mommy, EAT!" and that was that.

we LOVE you guys, come back soon!