New Moon Review

Last November I was utterly disappointed when I attended the midnight showing of Twilight, the four book vampire vs. werewolf saga, written by Stephenie Meyer. I was so excited to finally see one of my favorite series come to the big screen. However, the acting was hysterical, the graphics and effects were pathetic and the wig Jacob, (played Taylor Lautner) wore was annoying and not to mention ridiculous. However, against my husbands "your-gonna-hate-it" attempts to stop me from going to the New Moon premiere (just so he wouldn't have to hear me complain, if it was bad) I went anyway, (DUH!) and I absolutely LOVED it.

Now, I am trying REALLY hard to distinguish if the movie was actually decent, and possibly better because the acting was a little better, bigger name actors like Dakota Fanning, a new director or the considerably larger budget; OR if I was completely struck by the copious amounts of chiseled washboard abs that took over the screen.

Yes, I will admit, I screamed, laughed and clapped with the rest of the giddy teenagers in the theatre, when the movie began....when Edward hit the screen....and especially when Jacob had his shirt off! (Yes, I have been reminded many-a-times that he is only 17! :))

Needless to say, the acting was a little better, the budget was obviously larger the graphics were not as lame, (it was nice to not have to see the stupid running around). Although, I am already sick of Bella's pathetic "can't-live-without-Edward" mentality (get it together woman) and Edward's, sappy and smothering, "I will never let anything happen to you, I love you" (although, I know how the book ends, and everyone is "happy", I am still team Jacob) . I also didn't care too much for the soundtrack, and I was a little embarrassed for Robert Pattinson after seeing him and Lautner with their shirts off; regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed my girls-night-out!

I had a blast and I am glad that April didn't have her baby so that we could once again go together!


4 months!

I took the boys last month to get their pictures taken, Marcus 2 years and Lohena 3 months. Well, it didn't work out as well as I thought. Needless to say, only Lohena got his pictures taken...and they are so cute! He is really such a good baby! We will be going back to get the brotherly pictures, 2 year and family pictures done, but for now, here are some pics and his

4 month stats.

Head: 44 cm.
Height: 26 in.
Weight: 17.5 lbs.

I laughed because my dr. called Lohena a shrimp because he is only in the 90th percentile. She checked and said, Marcus was already off-the-charts at his age! 90th %...I'm really not too concerned! ;oDHere is a picture of Marcus at 3 months so you can compare!


Happy Halloween 2009

Remember what it was like when we were kids?

Jack and the Jack-o-Lantern

Paka's first name is Jackson if you didn't know; and I never heard so much complaining.
Paka and I (really me) did the mummy and Cam did the "peeping-tom jack-o-lantern"!

Pumpkin Patch

We literally stumbled upon this pumpkin patch and we are so glad that we did! We rode the tractor to and from the pumpkin patch and we got to pick our own pumpkins! Marcus just wanted to ride the tractor; they even had horses taking groups to the patch, but Marcus was content with the tractor (as cool as the horses were they were HUGE and a bit scary!) It was fun, there were free samples of different squashes, and I must say, sugar loaf squash is the best-a little brown sugar and butter...mmmm...yum!

Halloween Block Party

Last weekend our neighborhood hosted a Halloween Block Party! It was filled with fun games, animal petting, horse riding, basketball hoops, pumpkin drawing, face painting and tons of food. If you donated food to the Issaquah Food Bank you received tickets to redeem at your pleasure. Cam, Paka and I ate a few little hamburgers and Marcus really wanted a cotton candy, that we soon discovered he was too scared to eat!
making a goody bag for his hay hunt
found something!
scary cotton candy!
spider face paint

`tis the season to donate!

HELP others. give what you can, every little bit helps!

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