Marcus Walking

Ok, mom here it is. Believe it now??



So, today while I was at the gym, Cameron called and excitedly told me that Marcus walked across the living room. He took about 6 steps before he fell. I can't believe that he is walking! Now my little monster is a walking monster! yikes!!!


12 month check-up

Yesterday I took Marcus to his 12 month check-up to see how he is doing and progressing. No worries here, he is doing great and even showed off for the Dr. by standing for her and taking a few steps. He cried when he got his shots of course, but he loved the band-aids! Let me just tell you, the sweet, innocent, mellow child that I once knew is long gone. Replaced by a super-active, kalohe (rascal), little thing, I can honestly say that I am a little nervous for what the future may hold with this little one! Well, here is his "report card".
(Next time I go to the Dr. I will not be posting my report card! ;o)

Weight: 25.5 lbs/75-90%
Length (height): 33.5 in/97+%
Head: 48 cm/90%



On Wednesday September 10th, Marcus turned 1;
and what better way to celebrate than Chuck-E-Cheese?!

After:Cam's friends Dean, Elika, Aya, and Baby Kashus visiting from Hawaii.
Marcus' Best Friend, Max.

Birthday dinner and cake...again!

Grandpa & Grandma Durrett

This week my mom and dad flew in from Hawaii. They were so excited to see Marcus, and they were here to celebrate his first birthday. Marcus was so hesitant to go to them and by the end of the the week he chose my dad over me!! While they were here they took us to Ikea to stock up too. Thank you mom and dad. WE LOVE YOU!


Midnight Sun

So everyone knows that I obsess, and one of the things I obsess about is the Twilight Saga. Well, I was snooping around on someones blog (I don't even know them, it was just a link to a link which lead me there. This is a prime example of why you should make these things private ;o) ) ANYWAY, (see distracted) I saw that someone illegally leaked out one of the unfinished parts of the book Midnight Sun, and Stephenie Meyer is so sad about it that she decided that she would and could not finish the book!!

So, thanks a lot who ever did that!
Now, for the rest of us, we will never know! Stephenie Meyer posted a blurb about it on her site, and explains it all. She even posted what unfinished and unedited part was leaked in hopes that we wouldn't feel guilty about trying to search the web for it!




Thanks AJ.
Quirk: a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism.


1. I snore and I absolutely hate it. If you ask me if I snore, I will absolutely deny it! (thanks mom)

2. Whenever I talk, I tend to overuse my hands, especially when I am excited.

3. I have to sleep with the blanket all the way up to my chin and I HAVE to shake my leg to fall asleep.


4. I TALK a lot. Sometimes, well let's say often when I am explaining something my mind starts to wonder and I not only start babbling, but I will stop dead sentence and not know what I am talking about. (It drives Cameron absolutely insane!)

5. My mother is always late, so I try extremely hard to be on time for things and end up speeding because I am always late.


6. I am generally a laid back person, I love to socialize and have a good time, I LOVE to LAUGH, but I am probably a little too mature for my age. I am constantly wondering why my friends do such stupid things and why they are so flaky; which explains why I gravitate to older people.

7. I am a very passionate person. I easily obsess about things like Twilight or John Mayer...just to name a few....Once again things that drive Cameron Crazy! And often times you offend me and it is the absolute end of the road for you! I will swear it up and down, and then 5 minutes later I totally forget.

8. I am a total middle child. I grew up the middle of 5 and unfortunately have become the middle ground. When people have problems I am usually the first person they call to vent to.


9. When I am working hard on something or really focusing, my mouth does this funny grinding thing. I used to tease my mom for doing it, and then I started doing it! Or I really hate when I make a face and people tell me, that it looked just like a family member!

These are just some of my quirks! I tag, Heather, April, Pomai, Carol, Nanea, and Amaile. You don't have to share your quirks if you no like!


Busy, Busy

Ok, so I have been super busy because I got a job at Bellevue High School as the Assistant Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach. It has been so much fun so far, but we have lots to do until our first game on Tuesday, already. But, I absolutely love it!

The reason why I got a job, was to help make a little extra money because we bought a condo in Issaquah Highlands, about 10 minutes from my in-laws. Yes, Cam, Marcus and I moved out!!!! So far it has been great with the exception of no couch and rabbit ears to catch a few channels...we are living in bliss...for now. But we all miss Nana, and now I have to cook again! hehe.
Here is Marcus in our kitchen!

Branden's Baptism

Our good friend was baptized last month, and he asked Cameron to baptize him. Cam and I were both so nervous, but everything went well! I was so proud of both of these guys!!

Jack Johnson

A Couple of weeks ago Cam and I went to the Gorge to see Jack Johnson-Sleep through the Static concert. It was literally in the middle of nowhere and it took a couple of hours to get there. This place is in a valley almost. The stage is set up in the bottom of this deep valley. The sound was supper good and Jack was super good. It really made me miss home! And Cam let me buy a T-shirt! woo-hoo! Check out the views!

A day with Marcus

One day Marcus and I went out with my good friend and her kids.
They spotted the machines and went crazy. It was too cute!

Uncle Kahi and Aunty Syani

I am so sorry that I have been missing for so long. The Heide family has been so busy the past four weeks, but I promise, I will catch everyone up.
First of all, after Uncle Paka left, my older bro, and his wife stopped through Seattle on their way home to Utah, for just a few days. While they were here we did the Seattle underground tour. It was pretty cool, and I learned a lot of stuff!!! Then we went to Freemont St. where we got to see the troll. Cameron posing by some treasure...and some stuff that was left underground.