get out of my way!

A few days ago I bought Marcus a walker with the works! It has toys and lights and all that good stuff! So yesterday while he took his morning nap, I eagerly set up his toy. I was very skeptical if he would like it or not. He hasn't really figured out how to maneuver in it very well but I did catch him getting into some mischief already.

He's not sure what the heck this contraption is!

But he thinks he just might like it!

Yep, he likey-likey!

Even his feet were excited! (the top pic and the bottom pic look like it should be one picture, but it isn't)

I turned around for one second and he scooted to the desk and pulled out the drawer. It was funnier when he tried to scoot away and he kept going backwards right into the drawer!

This morning I took him to aerobics and he payed in his walker the whole time, I'm still unsure of what he thinks. Here is a video of him just having a good `ole time.

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  1. Mommy sure sounds excited about it. :o) He'll love it and I think it is perfect for aerobics.