Meet the Beast: Update Part 2

This month, we were able to pay off "the Beast" as you just saw. I will have to say, I saw that some of you voted against me (don't worry I won't hold it against you) it certainly seems crazy; radical, and unconventional. It is, and yet so SIMPLE!

As soon, as we get the title, I will post it for you all to see. One less debt just means more cash in my pocket!

I just wanted everyone to know that Cameron and I accomplished this on 1 income and without changing our lifestyle. You do not need to have a lot of debt to utilize the 101 program; and it will still work for you if you have 3 homes (mortgages) and 16 cars (loans)! It doesn't matter who you are and what your situation is. This is not a pyramid or multi-level (been there done that!) but and education where you learn how to pay off your debts quickly and without using your savings account.

We went from "what did you buy?" "how much was that?" STRESS to serious peace of mind. A simple common goal and knowledge that keeps Cameron and I STRESS FREE and one step closer to our goals.



Update: Meet the Beast

Here's the Match-Up Update:

The Challenger
The Beast

The Bank-with secret weapon: The Loan, designed to to stick it to you!
Purchase price: $12,847.60


The Contenders
The defending Champions

I know that the time is winding down, and I haven't forgotten!
We purchased the Beast, the F-250  sometime in mid-November, confident to have it paid in full by May; we have been using the 101 Financial system. We are excited to report that we will be making the last payment this month!! And we did it all by following the 101 system and without tapping into our savings account, at all!

Follow us on our journey and I'll keep you posted.
Prepare to be shocked when we accomplish this!




My New Ride

My new (but old), red, FREE cruiser bike

from freecycle.org.

Just in time for summer.



$ 9 month pictures $

eli-james lohenaokealaka`i heide
9 months: 20 lbs. 30 in.
april 2010



sneak peek

took Lohena to get 9 month pictures. Compare.


Happy Feet

Marcus 1 week old September 2007

For my more recent followers, you may or may not know that our eldest son Marcus was born, with a club foot (a deformity which causes the foot to appear as if it is rotated internally at the ankle). We were completely shocked and had no idea because it was not caught during the ultra sound. Needless to say, I was not only exhausted physically, after labor, but the next few days that followed I was emotionally drained.

I was a little heart-broken, but mainly for my brand new, perfect little baby. After the initial shock and many tears, I knew that this was just the way it was going to be. So, I pulled myself together for my family, for Marcus and learned all about his club foot. I educated myself, told my friends and family and found a fantastic Dr. (Laurel Saliman, Swedish Orthopedic Specialist).

In the beginning I couldn't even look at the pictures of other children's feet on the pamphlets, it simply made me uneasy. But as time went one, I knew that we were lucky because his case wasn't so severe. Only his left foot, and I knew it really could have been a lot worse.

Marcus' first cast '07

After one week following his birth, he was placed in a series of set casts (up to the thigh to protect his knee). We did this process for about 3 months. On the final cast Dr. Saliman cut Marcus' Achilles tendon, casted his foot in a proper position and allowed it to re-attach. It was traumatic for Cameron and I since Marcus was awake and we each took on a limb to hold him down.

removing his cast at home, in the bathroom sink

After the 3 months of casts he was placed in "special shoes" (with the bar between) for another 3 months, straight, 23 hours a day. This was extremely difficult and is when we really had to trust our Dr., each other, and know that if we didn't do this, there was potential for relapse. This procedure is less abrasive, but very, very slow; taking anywhere from 3-5 years. In previous years, all the bones were broken and re-set usually causing arthritis at a very young age.
special shoes

Since Marcus was 6 months old he has worn his shoes everyday of his life. Naps and Nights. He is scheduled to do this until the age of 5. (Very expensive little shoes....but worth every penny!)

However, last week we went for our 2 1/2 year check-up. Dr. Saliman was so happy with his progress and foot function, she said she is considering him being done wearing his shoes at age 3. That is less than 6 months away!! If we do, it will be a brief 6 month trial without shoes and hopefully never again.

I left the office, SHOCKED and wondering how WEIRD our life will be without night-time shoes. This has just become the norm, that anything else just seems weird!

Marcus has developed normally walking at 12 months, running, jumping, and tippy-toeing all around. I even catch him walking in his special shoes and jumping around in them. (professional snowboarder/surfer?)

I am just so thankful for all of the experiences to learn and grow from our trials and more importantly our blessings!

Here's a list of some celebrities born with club feet:
Damon Wayans
Eric Richard
Dudley Moore

Troy Aikman
Charles Woodson
Mia Hamm
Miguel Riffo
Kristi Yamaguchi


happy EASTER...egg hunt

This week leading up to Easter Sunday was surely an ugly one. The power flickered on and off, the trees shook in the wind, and the icy rain kept us indoors for most of the days. It was especially unfortunate since this week also happened to be Spring Break.

Despite the typical Washington weather, the kids had an absolute blast hanging out. We played outside when we could, we dyed Easter eggs, we attended an Easter egg hunt in the highlands, which ended in cold, wet, kids, crying and covered in mud. Miles and Marcus have finally reached the point of playing together in another room without supervision. So needless to say, it was CRAZY but tons of FUN!

Decorating mayhem

Sissel & the kids

Liam fell in the mud!
all the eggs

I am so thankful that we were able to watch General Conference together as a family this Easter Sunday. I have a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and know that our Prophet Thomas S. Monson is called of God to lead us away from temptation and keep us on the strait and narrow. I am eternally grateful for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, for through them all things are made possible. I am grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ and for the sacrifice he made for us. I have a testimony of the Plan of Salvation and know that it is our duty as parents to rear our children in the right path that will lead them to salvation. I know that I will never truly and fully understand the amount of LOVE that the Lord and Jesus Christ demonstrated, and for that I am humbled. I cannot wait until that day when I will be able to return to Heavenly Father, with my eternal family by my side.
"No other success can compensate for failure in the home."
-Pres. David O. McKay