We're home!

Well, Marcus and I made it home safe and sound and it has been really nice weather, we have been outdoors everyday since we have been home. On the way home we were so lucky to have gotten an empty seat on the plane. There were only about 4 open seats the whole flight and I got one. I had picked the last row on the plane-on the side, so we had our own little corner to ourselves, it couldn't have been better. Marcus was really good, and he was so intrigued with every little thing, he was busy watching everyone walk by. At first Cam was so sad because when we got in that night Marcus was so out-of-it, Cam thought that he had forgotten who he was, but the next day they were fine. Marcus is feeling much better too! Yesterday we went to the park with a friend, Marcus went on the swings and the slide, I don't have to do anything, he thrusts himself down the slide, like a big boy. It scares me but he LOVES it!! So cute!P.S. Mom- the other day was our first experience of a"floaty" in the bath tub. Abandon Ship! It wasn't very pleasant. I will spare you all the pictures! ;o)



So tomorrow Marcus and I will be on a plane Seattle bound. We are sad and yet excited to go, bitter sweet I guess. Everything has been so nice, and to see all my family has been even better. I am just glad that Marcus was able to see his "hawaii" family and get to know them a little better. Thank you everyone who has showed us so much love here at home. And to my classmates, get ready for the 10 year!! I will miss you all!


Happy Father's Day!


Sorry that we were not able to be there with you to celebrate this day...Happy Father's Day!

We LOVE you!

Busy, Busy!!

It has been such a busy week!
Last week my little brother graduated from the 8th grade, and to celebrate we went to the country club to eat Hawaiian food. It was so good; Marcus ate all his poi!
Marcus & his tutu
Wednesday morning Marcus, some family and I went to the swap meet. Gotta love the swap meet. It was so hot, Marcus fell asleep and he was sweating everywhere.Later that day our family went to Makaha to take some family pictures. It was so beautiful, it really made me miss home. Here is just a sample of us being goofy.
Friday Marcus and I went to Laie to visit some old friends, go to the beach and eat lunch. We had so much fun!

Kakela Beach ParkPapa Ole's. This is the view behind the restaurant, and behind me across the street...

...this is the view!

Baby Kashus and ElikaDean & his farmer boy tan. :o)

Saturday we went to Lopaka's basketball game. He did really good and his school team played Punahou, they lost by 10 or so, but I was very impressed. After that we went to eat shave ice at Waiola's and it was so ono. Strawberry cream & melona with ice cream. I didn't eat much because Marcus ate it all!!!

Go Warriors...sorry Daddy! (he crossed over to the dark side)Uncle Kahi

Later, Saturday we went to a good (pre-school/high school) friend's wedding reception. I saw a lot of my classmates. It was fun!



OK, so the other day I noticed that Marcus was chewing on something, and when I stopped him to pull whatever it was out, which I could see was brown, I tried hard not to freak out..yep-it was a beetle cockroach! Maybe he liked it because it tasted like chicken....yeah- I think he was just super stoked to catch it. Good job Buddy!

Steve & Barry's

The Waikele Outlet Stores just got a Steve & Barry's-a department store-or like an Old Navy store; and everything in it is $10!!! I really wasn't thinking that there would be anything good, but I was so shocked to see this nice clothing store. I went crazy there was so much stuff, men's, women's, kid's, basketball shoes and high-heels. The store features clothing lines from Amanda Bynes and Sarah Jessica Parker. I thought that all Steve & Barry's were $10, but they said that this is just a Promo and the sale will eventually end. If that is the case, I suggest everyone go and stock up!!!! HURRY!


Beach Day

Today we went to the beach. We had SO much fun. Marcus was in his own little world; it was so cute to watch, intrigued by everything!! We took him in the water and he absolutely LOVED it. And what better way to end the day-Of course a nice cold shave ice. Marcus ate almost all of mine-melona flavor, with ice cream and snow cap! So ono! YUM!

Hawaii Part 2

Last night Alana and I went to Campbell Graduation to see KimoPoor tired bubba

Pop-pop's house and his stupid singing dolls
bubba and great grandma
bubba and great grandpa
knocked out

Kira and I at the beach

Princess Kira Learning Poi Balls
love you daddy