Lightning McQueen

Last night my little brother Lopaka flew in and has been having a blast with Marcus. This morning he went abd woke Paka up so they could play! The good thing about having him fly in is that his bags are full of goodies from my mommy. We got chocolates and candies, soaps and lotions, and she sent Marcus these really cute Cars dining set and a t-shirt. Well, the shirt lights up and he coudn't stop watching and playing with it. In fact. I think he spent most of the time trying to eat it!

Hula Girls

So the other day I helped teach a hula at this girl's birthday party in our ward. It was a huge luau theme and since they were a bunch of small kids I thought Pupu Hinuhinu would be appropriate. They danced and sang and I played the ukulele and it was a blast.

I had this great idea of making the little girl, Oliva a cute dress-up hula outfit. Apparently it was such a hit, Olivia and her sister were taking turns wearing it. Right now I have 2 more orders for my hula dresses, so if you are interested get your orders in now! ;o) I am going to seriously think about selling these!


New Kicks

Yesterday we went to Target to get Marcus some shoes so he could go outside. Luckily they were only $3 because he tore them up already from being outside in his walker. They were so cute I just couldn't resist!


Magic Stars

He LOVES his Magic Stars, and so does his face.


G-G Margaret

Friday morning Marcus and his nana went to visit Great-Grandma Margaret. She only lives about 15 minutes away and they were gone for quite some time. He had so much fun getting into everything, eating her wheel chair and crawling all around; and she was so surprised and happy to see him. She doesn't get out much so she was so excited. I am just so glad that Marcus has the opportunity to see her and get to know her and I got a nice break! THANK YOU!

Liam Ezra

Happy Birthday Liam Ezra Heide
July 3, 2008
9lbs. 4oz. 23in.
We LOVE you!!


Swim Time

Before I get into how nice it has been here the last couple of days, last night and today it stormed and hailed. UGLY! But, on a lighter and funnier note, this morning Marcus had a Dr.'s appointment-he is doing great by the way, and at the end of the appointment he got his blood checked which required of poking his little toe. He didn't cry or anything-but on the drive home, he noticed the band-aid and SCREAMED the whole way home trying to RIP it off!!! ;o)

Here we are in the pool. Marcus loves the water and kicks around so much. You really gotta watch him!