Kamahele Kaiwikuamo`o Elijah Durrett

On the morning of February 4th 2009, my older brother Kahi and his wife Krysyan brought a wonderful little boy into this world. He graced us with his presence at 7lbs. 2 oz, 21 inches long. (Go Syani!!) Kamahele is so adorable and already a week old. Remember what it is like to be a brand new parent!! So precious. Well, he already had his first photo shoot, and here are some pics. The site is blog.littlewunders.com, the photographer is one of their friends, so if you live in the Provo area, you might be interested. (Kahi, maybe she will give you a discount since I gave her a little plug on my blog ;o)) He is so cute, and I love all of these pictures!!


Happy Birthday to ME!

So on the 10th I turned the big 24! Unfortunately Cameron has been out-of-town, but my friends made up for it by spoiling me. First Marcus and I were greeted with Krispy Kremes from our friend Tom!! It was yummy! Thank you!! Then for lunch my friends took me out to Red Robin, the best place for strawberry lemonade. ;o) After, I spent the rest of my day with my #1 man, Marcus, and then finished up getting to do what I love, play volleyball!! (see the box) Overall it was a great day! Thank you everyone! But on Saturday, Cam and I are gonna go rollerskating to make up for it!! I will let you know how it goes!! ;o)


Baby Sling

I've been wanting to make this sling that I saw for my sister-in-law, so I did a practice run, which I may give away or keep for myself. ;o) The pattern if you want is free on-line from maya Wraps...They usually run around $60, but you can chek it out!
It took 2.5 yards for someone my height @ $2.99/yd and the O-rings were $.70 from Lowes!! Seriously, all it took was 2 straight stitches and I added a pocket for anything you might need. Oh ya, and don't mind the model in the last pic! Hahaha.

Potty Time

So we have been introducing the potty to Marcus and so far he is doing excellent. He seems young, (17 months) but he's the one who cries when his diapers are wet and holds his shi-shi instead. So I said what the heck, why not try. Thanks to Amy's little book, Ultimate Potty Training (I think that is what it is called) and some attractive Cars underwear, he is ready to go!

He knows how to hold his shi-shi, so it is just a matter of getting him comfortable enough to shi-shi in the potty. Sometimes he does and sometimes he tinkles in his big boy underwear, which results in him crying "oh-no, oh-no, oh-no". And that's how I kow we had an accident. :o) But the best part is that his little buns and legs are so darn cute in his underwear!!!!

Remember when

Remember when you were small enough to do stuff like this...

That's Marcus waving at me, while watching Cars in his little storage bin/bed that I made him!


It has been almost a month since I have last blogged, and I have gotten into some trouble for it. I am just glad to know that I am loved! ;o) Anyway, So I have a lot of catching up to do...here it goes. Hey at least I am a cheesy, happy slacker!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! This year we were blessed (or call it cursed if you will) with a WHITE Christmas. It was my first one, and they really are beautiful. It really adds something special to the holiday atmosphere. Unfortunately, when it didn't stop, and refused to melt away, I was pretty sick of it! We, like many were trapped on our streets and couldn't leave for many days. Quite frankly, I was happy when the snow melted and the streets cleared again. But, it was fun for Marcus, who absolutely loved the snow, to play and sled down the street with daddy (I apparently wasn't as much fun!) This Christmas was extra special, now that he understood what was happening. Just to see his smiling face, man we have come full circle!
Then, for the New Year, we were able to spend it with my brother Kahi and his wife Krysyan, who is patiently awaiting the arrival of their first son any day, and we had a nice stay and were able to see a lot of family and friends! It was so nice especially for me because I don't have family nearby.Now, we are in the month of February, (my b-day month, p.s. ;o)) and time is just passing bye! Cameron is working and supervising a project away from home and can't return until the weekends, and this may continue on for weeks! ;o( We are so sad and it is only day 2!! Other than that, Marcus makes me watch th emovie Cars a least twice a day, he is getting ready to enter nursery (hallelujah), and he shi-shi-ed in the potty for the first time on Monday! YAY!