Sorry that it has been a few days, but I have good reason.

My best friend, Pomai and her son Casien flew in to Washington just for one night on her way home to Hawaii. We have known each other since, I don't know the 3rd grade or so, so we are practically sisters. Well, we stayed best friends through high school and early college days, and then I got married and so did she, and she moved away to Georgia. It is rare that we get to see each other, but when we do, it is like no time has past. When Cam and I found out we were pregnant, I immediately called her, only to find out that she too was pregnant. Her son Caisen is 5 months old, just a few months younger than Marcus and they are too cute. We had a blast while they were here, and we are looking forward to having them come back (on her way home to Georgia she will stay and visit here for about a week).

Here are some pics of the kids! They really played hard, and then decided they needed a bath.
Here is Marcus attacking Casien, nah he is just trying to give him lovies.


  1. Very cute!! I'm sure they will LOVE you showing those pics when they get older, ha ha!!!

  2. ohh, so cute our boys! i'm gonna blog now.
    oh, btw, i made it home after 4 hours at the airport. and my battery died. i got your message too late but i'll call you tomorrow.
    thank you for everything! i can't wait to see you again!