He LOVES me...He LOVES me

Cameron came home with these just because!

2 weeks old!

Today Lohena made 2 weeks old, and I will admit time has flown by and mostly as a blur. There were times when I doubted my capabilities as a mother, when the house stood no chance of being cleaned, I hadn't brushed my teeth, and when I was certain that Marcus was not going to make it to his 2nd birthday. But, I can honestly say, I am one happy mommy! I couldn't imagine our little family without him. Everyone is adjusting, but we are finally getting on our own schedule and doing good. I really can't complain, I do manage to get a nap in every day! Marcus fulfilling his big brother duties, getting diapers and of course holding his baby!

Knocked out!We even managed to leave the house and vist great grandma Margaret.Same outfit Marcus wore!Cousin Miles



With all the commotion of the new baby, Marcus has had lots of time with daddy. Cameron took him to do guy stuff like, fill gas, get oil for the car, clean the truck and they made a stop to get Marcus a CARS helmet and knee pads for his "wowo" (bicycle). Here he is strutting his stuff. Pretty soon, he will need a real bike!


Big Brother!

Marcus is a little unsure with his new "bebe" brother but he sure does love him! He forgets about him and then remembers and runs to look at him. He even wants to kiss and pick him up. gotta watch that. Other than that he is doing great loves his little brother and is very kind and gentle.

Thank you to my wonderful in-laws who watched Marcus the first 2 days and spoiled him with love and attention. A.K.A cookies and the zoo! ;o) They have been so loving and supportive to us, and are actually letting us all stay at their house for the weekend!

Cameron I love you so much. You are a fantastic husband, care-giver and my best friend. And you are an even greater father. I hope our sons will always know how much you love them and what they mean to you. Thank you for spending all your extra time with Marcus so he doesn't feel left out. I love you with all my heart!

It's a BOY!

Weighing in at 8lbs. 8oz. 20 inches long;
On Thursday July 9th, 2009 at 3:39 am,
Cameron and I welcomed our second son,
Eli James Lohenaokealaka`i Heide

We could not be happier with this little guy, and I am even happier that he was almost 2 weeks early. woo-hoo!

So for those of you who want to know, this is the story re-cap.
Tuesday I went to see the Dr. and she said nothing was going on. Seeing that Marcus was 15 days early, devastated, I went home complaining and believing I may actually not have this baby until his due date, July 22nd.
Cameron has been in night school at the University of Washington when I was at home (luckily) when my water broke. I never experienced this on my own, and really thought for a long time that I had peed my pants. Well, since Cam had a big test Wed. night I didn't want to bother him saying I may or may not have peed my pants.
ANYWAY, so he finished early and I told him the news. The contractions were mild and yet consistent around 6 pm. We packed Marcus up and put him to bed at my in-laws, where Cameron also attempted to get some rest.
I decided to wait as long as I could but by 1am the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and fierce!
We arrived at the hospital where I was checked in at 8cm. Told, it was too late for medicine, I said (or may have yelled) get him out!
I can see how natural birth moms can yell and be mean! ;0)
Still at an 8, 20 minutes later which might I add seemed like an eternity, I was allowed some medicine. It usually takes around 15 minutes to kick in,
BUT, instead baby wanted to come out!!
SO, feeling everything...and within the hour, I pushed TWICE, and
he was here.

I really liked the name Eli
Cameron's paternal great-grandfather's name
was Harry James, and that is where James comes from.

this literally translates to obedience of a leader.
I wanted something Strong like leader-Alaka`i
When I think of leader I think strong and willing to take charge.
Lohena-obedient, obedience
But I wanted a leader who is also humble and obedient to others and the Lord.
One who can take charge and yet follow as well.

Thank you everyone! We are doing well, and everyone is happy and healthy!!
Love you all!


My little helper!

He LOVES to help!

Happy 4th of July

2 birthday parties,
lots of friends and family,
1 pinata full of candy,
good food
and cake and ice cream
sure made lots of fun!