Uncle "Piko"

Everyone LOVES uncle "Piko"!
He never misses a BEAT,
We were SAD he had to go
But, he's coming back to TRICK-OR-TREAT!
For some reason Marcus keeps calling Paka, Piko (yes like his belly button). He didn't want him to leave, and I must say, it is the saddest and yet the cutest thing. After we dropped Paka off at the airport (Marcus cried a little) to go see our other brother and sister in Utah, Marcus came home and scanned the whole house asking, "Piko, where are you?" When I told him, "remember, he went bye-bye airplane" Marcus shot up, grabbed his boots and said, "yeah, yeah c`mon mommy, let's go!" ;o)
He is always talking about Piko, and today at bath he said "Uncle Piko, come home!"
you are missed!
guess we'll have to move home soon!


And the fun begins...

Great friends are hard to come by

I have no idea who "Kande" is, {I can only imagine}
but I saw this sign on the side of a bar and laughed so hard.
Kande: you have some great friends! ;o)


once again this year i am coaching at bellevue high school;
the girls just love the "mascots"!
my kids are seriously going to be "gym rats".

Crazy Boys!

brotherly love



Lately, my family has been full force with trying to get our genealogy in order. Unfortunately, due to many different reasons, we have kind of hit a rough patch. If anyone can offer me any advice on where to look, who to contact or simply want to help I would really appreciate it! ;o) Also, if you are a HEIDE and just happen to stumble upon my blog please leave a comment so we can get in contact!



Sleep Training

Last week I set up the crib and decided to
bunk the two boys together in the
same room. I was so sad about it,
but decided it was time.
Lohena has been so good, he rarely cries instead just falls asleep.
I was so concerned that Lohena would keep Marcus up
but it seems to be the other way around.
Luckily, they both sleep through each
other's noise! Marcus on the other hand now
wants to fight us every night! ;o(
I am just so grateful for an easy-going child,
(I guess the 2nd child has to be!)
the last two nights he has slept over 10 hours!!!!!
Thank you!


3 months old!

time flies!
he giggles, and smiles
and sleeps when he is supposed to.
i am in LOVE...

the boys!


Last weekend
we had the opportunity to venture out to
Seabrook on the Washington Coast
{a quaint beach town with the cutest rental cottages!}
While there,
Cameron & Jason went fishing with a friend,
HOWEVER, still no fish!
Regardless, the town is so cute and it was
an all-around gorgeous day!
{Thanks Chris & Debbie, we had a blast!}