Spring Snow Part 2

Everyone knows the saying, "April showers bring May flowers" unfortunately, that is not the case! This weekend it has been dumping snow all over Washington. We saw a little snow at our house late on Friday night, but nothing sticky. Last night Cameron and I went out to a friends home, and on our way home (around 1 am) there was not a drop of rain or snow or anything. In fact it was 36 degrees so we thought it wasn't going to get cold enough to snow. Sometimes I swear there is a conspiracy between the news and Costco. The news says one thing, and people go crazy and rush to Costco!
Well, this morning when I went into Marcus' room to get him, I opened the blinds and was completely shocked. To my complete dismay, a WHITE blanket of snow covered everything. So, this morning Marcus and I played in the snow, and he even ate some! It was yummy! (hey it is the closest thing to shave ice around here!)
This place just keeps getting weirder and weirder!
The front yard and street. Marcus eating snow and loving it!


  1. oh my gosh! what the h! i left at the perfect time...actually not because i wanted to see snow. maybe when i get back.

    let me know if you want anything.
    love u.

  2. Wow! It sure looks beautiful over there! I loved your post about allergies! So funny, and I'm glad little Marcus is a healthy boy! Glad you guys are awesome!

  3. Cam whats up? Good to see and hear about you all. I will have to get your number so I can call and see how everything is going. (801)592-5275.