Memorial Day Weekend

I know that this may be a little late, but this past Memorial day weekend, Cameron, Marcus and I, journeyed down to the town of Elma, hidden in a far away land. Well, about 2 hours away. If you haven't heard of Elma, (you're not the only one) it is past Olympia, and about 3o minutes from Aberdeen. There we visited Jason, Cam's brother and his family, where we helped celebrate our nephew Miles' 3rd birthday and my ever so beautiful, very pregnant sister-in-law, Sissel's 29th birthday...again ;o)

Marcus had lots of fun playing with his cousins and eating lots of junk food!! Marcus and Miles.

And while uncle Cam slept, Sela played dress up. Whenever Sela finds out that we are coming over she hides all of her hair things so Cam doesn't steal it from her. But she kept asking me, what can we do to make Cam look like a girl...this is the best we came up with. ;o)

I even got my hair done by Sela...

Then later we went to The Olive Garden. It was so yummy. Marcus decided that he is "over" baby food and is now eating mac`n cheese and this morning he ate 1 1/2 pancakes!

And of course this is what happens when there are three kids and a pregnant woman. ;o( haha. oh well we had fun!

Dorothy's Brownies

1 1/2 cups flour

2 cups sugar

1/2 cup+1T Hershey's unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tsp. salt

1 cup liquid shortening (canola oil)

4 eggs

2 tsp. vanilla extract

1 cup chopped walnuts (optional)

1 cup chocolate chips (optional)

Preheat 350 degrees

Cook time: 30 min.

Place all ingredients in mixer bowl,
beat at medium speed for 3 minutes,
place in greased 9x13 pan.

My sister-in-law gave me this great
recipe and I couldn't believe how easy and
good it is!!! YUM!


Team Edward

I have been dying to read the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyers since everyone has been raving about it; but I am a very impatient person, so instead of trying to borrow the book or even wait in line at the library I went out and bought the dang thing. Don't get me wrong it was only $10, but Cameron feels so cheated when I pay for a book and finish it in a day. He says, "Don't read it in one day, make it worth the money." So when I bought Twilight Thursday night and finished it Friday night, needless to say Cam was mad. Obviously I want to finish the series, but I did it to myself; I am not allowed to buy it. SO anyone who is willing to share, please let me know ASAP!

I was thinking that to help my $$ situation, besides Amazon.com, I would start a book club in my area; we can meet once a month to discuss 2 books. That way we can alternate and share books!!! Then we can each take turns hosting the discussions. I think this will be so much fun. Anyone who is in let me know, and for those of you who are far, I will blog the book of the month and you are more than welcome to follow along!

On Aug. 2, the last book Breaking Dawn, to the Twilight series is coming out, and you can pre-order your copies now! Woo hoo!
The movie will be in theatres December 12, 2008! YAY!
For more info check out this site: http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/twilight_movie.html
P.S. KEASMEA, be patient!


Indiana Jones 4

So, being the geeks that we are, Cameron and I were super excited to see the new Indiana Jones Movie. For Cameron's birthday our friend Tom bought Cam and I tickets to go along with him to the advanced showing at 12:01 Wednesday, the morning of the release date. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it and we went the next night. BUT let me just tell you, you make think that we are geeks, (we even stood in line at the Star Wars release, all the way wrapped around the Mililani Theatre building...in the rain!) BUT these guys BEAT US...when we went to exchange the tickets for the following night there were these two older gentlemen, just nerds; definitely not married dressed up in full Indiana Jones outfits. Khaki pants, ropes and hats...the whole thing! And the best part was I think they were anticipating a line for the 12:01 showing, so they played it safe and showed up early at 8 pm! YES, 8 pm. Besides me and Cam, the girl working the ticket booth, and maybe a few people in the parking lot, there wasn't a single soul. So these geeks walked into Barnes & Noble to waste some time, you know 4 hours or so....
Anyway, the movie was action-packed and fun. Shia LeBouf (I hope I spelt that right, AKA Even Stevens...gosh I loved that show ;o) good memories was good and entertaining. The movie definitely lingered for a possible Indian Jones 5...starring Shia. Anyways, I'm not one for cheesy action movies, but it was surprisingly good and entertaining, despite a little bit of a dramatic and bit cheesy ending. Other than that Cameron's only complaint was that the movie didn't really tie into the first 3.

*My rating: 2 thumbs up

*Those are not my thumbs.


Look out weekend...

Ok, so I have lots to say!

1. I promised everyone, (like any of you really care) that I would do a follow up to my "Work Out" blog I did a while back; well I have made some progress! Weight Lost: 4 lbs! Whoo hoo.

2. Last night my girlfriend April and I had girls night in. We watched P.S. I Love you and it was so good; of course we cried like the whole time, but it was good. I had so much fun, literally it felt like I was in high school again. Slumber party!

3. So, Cameron finally caught his fish. Just so you all know, it is 9 pm and Cam and his buddies are still fishing. Cam and his friends have been on this fishing 'high' so they won't stop until they catch something...all together, FISH TOTAL: 1

How many men does it take to catch one fish?
oh ya, he said I HAD to tell you all that the only reason why he caught and brought home this little fish (he felt bad because I told him he should have let the little fish go, it was like killing a baby Marcus fish! i know i'm bad) was because he caught it and the hook got stuck in the stomach and the poor fish bleed and died, so he had to bring it home. Whatever, I don't really care it's not like he is a killing machine. Keep in mind: FISH TOTAL: 1

4. It has been so nice the past couple of days so we have been in the sun! Today Marcus and I went to a friends house to swim in their pool, we absolutely loved it, I can't wait to take him to the beach!

Here he is drinking out of his straw cup! I discovered that he could suck through a straw when I let him hold my jamba juice! Big mistake!


Rain or Shine

This is how people work on cars in Washington.



I apologize that it has been such a long time since I last posted, but I will catch everyone up!
Here is Marcus being a thug! He now has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom and is now everywhere and into everything!

May 1st-May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii and Cameron's Birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON!
We didn't do anything to crazy for Cam's 28th birthday; but Tom, Heather, Preston and Wesley came over for some cake and ice cream and they got Cam tickets to the new Indiana Jones movie, advance screening at 12 am. Yay!!

May 2-6- My best friend Pomai and her son Caisen came by for a few days and we had such a good time. We even went into Seattle to Pikes Place Market and we got to see a fish show! It was so much fun!
Once when Caisen was crying Marcus went to him and tried to hug and kiss him, it was so cute!
May 9-11- Cam, Marcus, Tom, Heather, Preston, Wesely, Branden and Heidi and I all went to Bellingham for a get-a-way. We were able to stay at Tim Matthews condo for the weekend, and we had a blast. The boys went fishing ALL weekend, and unfortunately did not catch anything; while the girls went shopping!! The condo is on a pretty lake and one morning all us girls and kids walked around it, while the boys let the fish eat their bait! haha

This is us on the trail around the lake. Marcus was in the baby bjorn and loved it!

Poor Cameron was so determined to catch something!
That is a picture of the condo in the background.
Happy mother's day to all you momies out there; you totally deserve it! It was my first and it was a great one. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful son and a wonderful husband who help out so much! I love them both!

May 12- I had my wisdom teeth pulled!!
All buss up. Here I am looking like I just got into a fight!
Luckily I only have 2 wisdom teeth and so they were both pulled yesterday. Top left and bottom right! I was so nervous but everything went smoothly. The top left is back to normal, but the bottom right hurts and is swollen. So I have a fat, swollen face! The medicine made me so nauseated all day, I couldn't keep anything down. They told me I couldn't nurse because of the medicine when I was put under, so we bottle fed Marcus all day and Cameron woke up in the middle of the night to feed Marcus! He said he was tired this morning! HAHAHA!! I think that was the best mother's day present ever! But I am not taking any medicine so I can feed baby, and it is actually very bearable. Thank you to everyone who brought me food and called to check up on me, I apprecite it.