in my defense

In my defense to the previous blog...
see what I have become, what I have to resort to?!

...he has made me this way!

{p.s. it was a super cute sweater & it was on sale!}

*if you need a visual so you can agree with me, check out 2 blogs ago on the tram, I am sporting the new sweater! ;o)

Cameron's blog # 2

So this blogging thing is super gay, but I have to post something that happened on Saturday between me and Kamaile.

We were getting ready to go on our little trip to the park, and as we were getting ready I walked out of the closet and caught something out of the corner of my eye that I've never seen before. It looked foreign and I thought, hmm...Weird something didn't look right. Not giving it another thought, I kept walking. That's when it hit me.

That sweater is new!!! What the heck? So I inquizitively asked Kamaile, "Hey, who's sweater is this?" No response, Waiting, and waiting and waiting.

Finally I hear, "Umm...What sweater?" Said Kamaile, with the sweetest most innocent voice possible.

My response of course was, "Duh, this new one sitting on the bed." I was thinking to myself, does she think I wouldn't notice. Seeing that the tag and Old Navy bag was sitting on the floor.

This is when I really started to press the issue.

*Disclaimer* Yes I am a cheap-O like Kamaile says, and yes I do question every purchase she makes and yes she still tries to sneak them by me. Oh and yes, it never works!!!

Anyways, she comes in to the bedroom and says as she flutters her eyes. "Oh that my new sweater, don't you like it?'

Seriously, how dumb would I be to say, "That's the ugliest thing I've ever seen," but really it is nice and I do like it. But...

So I asked, "how did you pay for it?" Her response, was "Money, Duh" Again I am cheap and kinda got irritated. Then she tells me, "Don't worry I used a gift card."

Thinking my wife is wonderful I was very happy to hear that, but then I started thinking. Kamaile called me yesterday from Old Navy where she took the boys shopping to use the gift card that our friend had given us. FOR THE BOYS.

Then I posed the question, "Wasn't that gift card for the boys?" At that point I could see the gears turning in Kamaile's mind. Her response was "Well yeah, it was for the boys"

Hmm...So we were given a gift card for the boys, Kamaile takes them to Old Navy and comes away with sweater. Very Interesting I thought to myself.

Then I asked, "So what did you get for the boys then?" Long pause...Kamaile says, "Well they didn't have anything good for the boys and I'm always getting free clothes for them, so I bought this for myself."

That was an interesting reason I thought to myself. I said, "Well, its nice but I can't believe you didn't get the boys anything."

Later that day...

We're driving home from our outing, I began to inquire about the Old Navy trip again. I asked Kamaile, "So was that the only thing you got at Old Navy?" Me being slick, I've already looked at the reciept and know that she did.

Kamaile's response, "Why do you ask?" She had that look of guilt all over her face. I replied, oh nothing, just wondering"

A few minutes of silence... Then the confession. Kamaile said, "Okay, so I bought this shirt, an undershirt and the sweater."

I was amazed but at the same time thinking, well at least it was on a gift card.

Morale of the story. IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE.

I love her, as she is always keeping me on my toes.

Never a dull moment in the Heide Ohana.

Cameron OUT!!!!


Our Daycation!

The day seemed to be going in our favor. Saturday morning we woke to a crisp cool breeze covered by a blanket of warm sunshine. Today is the day I thought as I got out of bed. Today is the day we go to the Northwest Trek. Excited for my children and their experiences that I knew the day would hold, I was in a great mood! Homemade waffles from scratch was in order and then to set off on our 2 hour journey into the wilderness. What could be better? The kids will sleep on the ride down, have the time of their little, short-memory lives and be so exhausted that they will sleep on the way home...so I thought!

Well, it took us a little longer to get going but we did. We arrived at the part around noon, which meant Marcus was ready to eat! No problem, today is your day I said, (since he was extremely patient on the ride there) you can have whatever you want...of course he didn't know that the birthday money he got from Aunty Alana and Uncle Tyler, and cousin Kira would be at the mercy of his every wish and demand.

When we arrived we found parking right away, because we were early enough; and then Lohena started crying. What's the matter? (Time for food, probably it had been a 2 hr. drive.) I sat in the car to feed him while Cameron loaded up the double stroller, and the oh-so-needed diaper changes in the trunk. We were pretty early and I'll admit...I was proud!

And then ...What is that?! ~You mean this yellow spot on my jeans....Lohena pooped...everywhere! Poop to his neck and across his shoulders this called for an emergency 2 man, tag-team change. After 15 minutes or so, we managed to clean him up (purell Cam's hands) and keep Marcus occupied. I decided not to worry about the poor onesie that took such a beating and tossed it instead of letting it ferment in the trunk by the sun. By the time we were done the parking lot was full and the park was full...but we were clean!

Needless to say, we decided against our better judgement and I am so glad we did! We had a BLAST! I'm not sure who had more fun!
on the tram to see the free roaming animals!



mountain goats

baby bison

huge elk running away

the view from the top of the huge 435-acre of free roaming land

a goat-I could have reached out my window (that had no screens) and touch if I so desired.

All in all it was a fantastic day.
Although Marcus refused to sleep either way and instead insisted on waking his sleeping brother by putting his shoe in his face.
And what better way to end the day but by Marcus walking straight into the concrete block in our parking garage and knocking him to his butt!??
...I guess he deserved it!


we WISH...

...we lived closer to this little guy!

Hena Boy

Starting out young!

Northwest Trek

This weekend we were thinking of taking the kids down to the Northwest Trek, a huge natural habitat zoo that trolleys around all the visitors.

Well, we went on the website to see how much admissions was and where exactly it was located and this is what it said,

"Visit Northwest Trek this weekend for a little drama, romance and action!Fall is the rut, or breeding season, for Trek's hooved animals. Come on out today to learn all about the thrilling behaviors of deer, sheep, elk and moose. Watch and listen as they grunt, snort, bugle and spar."

...Seriously, I might need to re-think this!

Bath time

Tonight I let the boys bathe together, they had a blast...
well at least marcus did!
The last time we were in Hawaii my mom taught Marcus all of his body parts in Hawaiian, in one day! Thisis for you mom! ( He knows more, but the video ran out! ;o))

Puyallup Fair & James Taylor

Last weekend Cameron surprised me with tickets to the
James Taylor Concert at the Puyallup Fair.
Apparently, this annual fair is a BIG deal.
I'm talking 20 times the size of the 50th State fair, with a lot made for the fair grounds. It has been around for years and every year along with the fair there is a concert series-an artist every night of the week for the 2 weeks the fair lasts.
Saturday night we arrived early and got to walk around the fair grounds,
and had some yummy treats. This is Cam waiting in the long line for the must-have "elephant ears". They were yummy, I wish I could have had my own, but the DANG thing was $6.50! Come on NOW!We Gobbled it right up! Waiting for the concert to start.
We had good seats! (No front row, but pretty dang good!!!!)

James Taylor was nothing short of phenomenal; what else to expect! I have seen him once before a few years ago, courtesy of my wonderful father, (front row might I add) and it was just as good!And Lohena slept the whole time!

{sneek peek-This is for you Alana}



Marcus loves anything basketball and I got him on camera actually making a basket!
Someone get Nike on the phone!! ;o)

(It's right in the beginning...don't miss it!)

Weekend Fun

This past weekend, we went to see cousin Miles play soccer.
He did an awesome job and even scored a few goals!
It is always fun to spend time and hang out with the whole family. Marcus & Cam even got to ride around on the tractor!

Happy Birthday Marcus!

Last week was Marcus' birthday and now he is 2 (I can't believe it)!
In the morning, he woke up to a few presents
(granted it was wrapped in Christmas paper)
but he was so excited!
Later that day we went to Chuck-E-Cheese and he had a blast!He even beat me in ski ball!

Two years ago my life has changed for the better.

We are blessed by the Lord to have such a

wild child and we LOVE his so much.

Happy Birthday Marcus!