Yes, it has finally happened!

Sorry I have been a little busy the last few days. But I am sure this post will make up for it.
So without further ado-

Marcus at Kids Cuts 2010


Not really sure what that face is all about!

He did such a good job I was so proud of him. He didn't really notice what was happening. at first because all he wanted to do was ride in the "uncle piko" (airplane). The back is even curlier now...it'll take some getting used. But because it was his first time even, he just got a cut. Buzzers next time!


BOYS will be BOYS

Jason & Cameron 1983 showing off their muscles among other things. :o)

Marcus 2010 flexing his muscles.
Like father like son.
For those of you who have boys, you can attest to the FACT that boys are different from girls. They are just manufactured differently. They are born with these innate traits; traits that are not taught, just instilled in their minds and bodies.

For example, no one told my Marcus to take his cars and zoom them all around, he just does it. No one told him to fart on daddy's head, he just did it and laughed hysterically. No one told him that every time he is naked he needs to touch "it"; but he just does.

Recently he has been obsessed with a few things:
1. His basketball uniform that he has sported in probably every post.
2. His birth mark.
3. His, "you-know-what"
4. and his muscles.

He loves superman! I will catch him standing on the side table, muscles out, diving head first into the sofa, yelling, "suppppppermaaaaaaannnnnn"!

i LoVe mY bOyS


Happy $ Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Unfortunately this year Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday. When I say unfortunately, I mean that for us "Mormon's" who believe in keeping the sabbath day holy, we were forced to celebrate on the Saturday before. I call it, "Mormon Valentine's Day." Well Saturday Cameron had to work, all day. Needless to say I was pretty bummed. However, Sunday proved me wrong. I woke up to a wonderful breakfast, enjoyed the day at Church with my family and then had the missionaries over for a "Valentines Special Message". The night before Marcus and I made tons of cookies for nursery, so at the end of the day I was full- spiritually and physically.

I got this card from the boys- just made my day!



This is random: A Proactiv Skin care vending machine!
Apparently there is one at Pearl Ridge Mall!


New credit card with 79.9% interest rate

This year I decided to be a positive blogger, and I absolutely hate to plague my blog with anything negative, but this is just outrageous. So instead, let's call this a WARNING; a sign of the times. Targeting those with already sub-par credit, this could possibly be the new trend-to "help" those by leading them directly to the prevalent, vast black hole where many Americans vanish everyday! Besides this unfathomable number 79.9%, the real kicker is: people have already applied for this card. We don't need new credit cards people, we need a financial EDUCATION!

the article-http://finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgeting/article/108839/issuer-of-79.9-interest-rate-credit-card-defends-its-product?mod=bb-creditcards

*On that same note PLEASE BE CAREFUL when applying for loan modification plans because what you may not know, even though your BANK has you on the program, is that your credit score will pay SEVERELY! Be aware and active in all of your finances!

invest in your financial education!


Sleeping like a baby $

Lohena 6 months 2010

Every once in awhile when I go to check on the boys at night this is what I find. I feel so bad because most of the time Lohena is stuck all the way to his thighs. I dare not touch him or move him, and just pray that he can get out of it on his own. It's cute and funny and nothing I had to deal with before since Marcus had to wear shoes. Maybe I should put the bumper guards back up??

Happy Friday and have a Great Weekend!
{don't forget about Freebie Friday! www.momadvice.com/blog/ this week flew by!}
Thank you for all the birthday wishes and all the gifts!


Happy Birthday to me...

Marcus & cousin Kira May 2009
Ko Olina, Hi

Before I forget, Happy Birthday Elika, you've been a great friend!

On this beautiful day 25 years ago I changed the lives of Mary & Jonathan Durrett forever. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it wasn't for the better; although, I am sure they had their doubts time and time again. I am so thankful for wonderful friends & family! Good people in my life that have seen me through some rough times, shared some great tears, advice and more importantly some great laughs. I am the person I am today, because of everyone who has touched me in this life.

SO, for my birthday I get to go HOME! In 2 weeks I will be allowing the suns rays to reach out and kiss my skin. I will be rolling around all day in the sand with the kids and making up for it by washing sand out of dark places all week. I will be able to breathe again when I can smell some of the sweetest fragrances, like tiare, awapuhi, plumeria etc. I will get to see the kids with their cousins and grandparents (get to leave them at home with mom) and not to mention that I will be gaining back a few pounds, plate lunch, malasadas and shave ice here I come.

I am also gonna be home to attend an exciting 101 Financial seminar THURSDAY the 25th @ the Hilton Hawaiian Village, 7pm (save the date). If you have been following my blog, you know that I have been doing some serious business paying down debts. If you are interested the link is on my page, fill out a free analysis and have it graphed out for you. I will be home so you can attend the seminar with me and some of my friends and family.

Now, I can't leave you without some type of info that will benefit your life, so: If you are planning a trip home or to HAWAII, if you visit this link, www.hawaiigeneralstore.net at the bottom of the page is a HAWAIIAN AIRLINES banner. Click on it to automatically receive 5% off your entire purchase!

Have a GREAT day everyone!

Love & Aloha

Thank you Erika for the cute juicy jacket and the donuts this morning! i love it!

Need to get a hold of me?

shi-shi water

Marcus & Lohena bath time 2009

Every Tuesday night I have the opportunity to play volleyball with a co-ed league in Kirkland; and it truly is my sanctuary. I am so lucky that Cameron watches the boys and puts them to bed so that I can have some time to myself.

Tonight when I came home and inquired about the boys, Cameron told me the story about the "shi-shi water".

Mom and dad's you know the story. The occasional poop and shi-shi in the bath water, right? Let me tell you, when Marcus learned to fart in the tub he thought it was the funniest thing EVER!

Well, tonight Marcus sat in the tub "washing" (we know he was really playing) with himself when he told Cam that he had to shi-shi. Just then he looked down to examine the situation and lo and behold he sprayed himself right in the chin. He was so upset and grossed out, he flipped out. Of course Cameron laughed...and guess what, it didn't keep him from trying to drink the water later. Yuck!

Boys will be Boys!


Happy Monday!

Marcus recently discovered his birth mark. OBSESSED!!!

Happy Monday everyone. I hope that this week will be a great one for you!
I woke up to beautiful warm sunshine,
so I just wanted to share a few words of encouragement.
Whatever you're going through remain positive! 
Do this by setting daily, weekly, monthly goals.
Just remember that whatever it is, you C-A-N do it!
Creative- be creative in finding solutions.
Ask- don't be afraid to ask for as much help as possible.
Never quit!- Whatever you do never give up.

Believe and have Hope!


Freebie Friday

Marcus surfing the Internet like a big kid!

Friday came fast for me this week. Hope it was the same story for everyone else.

As you know today is FREEBIE FRIDAY on "the mother load"

However, just the other day I accidentally stumbled upon this website when looking for coupons, and I wanted to share it with everyone.

It features sites like:

check it out & enjoy!

One Year down...

Happy Birthday Kamahele!
My nephew, is a star; and today this little dude is 1 year old. Time sure does fly! Life as he knows it has been awesome! We are so glad that he is in our family and wish him many more "happy birthday's"!

we LOVE you Kamahele!
{make sure mommy & daddy feed you lots of cake today!}


Meet the Beast

Here's the Match-Up

The Challenger

The Beast

The Bank-with secret weapon: The Loan, designed to to stick it to you!

Purchase price: $12,847.60


The Contenders

The defending Champions
left on the loan: $10,239.80

This is the most recent car loan statement regarding the F-250 that Cameron & I purchased sometime in mid-November. Using the 101 system and seeing our progress thus far, we have set a goal; to pay off the car loan and own the title by May 1st, Cameron's Birthday. We plan on doing this by strictly following the 101 system and without tapping into our savings account, at all!

Follow us on our journey and I'll keep you posted.
Prepare to be shocked when we accomplish this!

Another year wiser!

Happy Birthday Daddeo!

When I first got married I didn't know what to call Ron. My culture taught me that I was never to address someone older than me by their first name- it is considered rude. But I wasn't exactly comfortable with calling him "dad" right away. So in my transition, Ron became my Daddeo!

Daddeo, I hope that you have a great day celebrating your 39th birthday...again. Thank you for all of your kindness, love, & support throughout the years. You are a wonderful father who has instilled great values into your son's, for that I thank you! I love to see your face light up when you see your grandchildren; even if Marcus is jumping on top of you, making you crawl around on the floor or hiding under the blanket until he's sweaty! We love it all!
Grandpa, Marcus & Lohena July 2010
Ron, Cameron & Jason December 1981

and We LOVE you!