Twin Falls Hike

On Tuesday a couple of the mom's from church took all the kids on a short, fun hike.
At .7 miles and pretty flat, it seemed like an easy enough adventure,but when it began to rain and started to get cold, Marcus refused to walk any further. I debated going on this hike being 7 months pregnant and having a 20 month old, but Cam thought I would have fun. Needless to say we were almost there when the switchbacks got steep, and one of my girlfriends had to help carry Marcus to the end. Thanks Jen!!! Overall I was pretty proud of myself- I didn't fall, Marcus did pretty great, and I wasn't out of breath!
The start
Friend Thatcher Eating on the trail
The pretty falls
I made it!
WE DID ITThe big rock he thought was cool
Marcus and girlfriend, Elizabeth
He threw rocks into the water
until his hands were red
from the cold!
Marcus wearing Mommy's jacket


Beautiful Hawaii Nei

I haven't blogged in awhile,
but you can see why!
Isn't this beautiful?!
Marcus was so scared of the sand,
but after a few minutes
we couldn't get him out of it!!
I miss home so much, but it was sure nice to be home.

Aunty Alana

At the end of April my little sister stopped in on her way home to Hawaii. While she was here we got to see some cool stuff. Marcus liked wrestling with her and beating her up! ;o)

We went to the old town to see the train station. Notice Alana in the background.
This is what happened when I said, "Smile"!
We took Alana and Marcus to see the falls, and Marcus was so excited!

And we went downtown Seattle to see the Freemont troll. (10 things I hate about you)

Thank You Aunty Lana, we miss you and Love you!

I wanna be like Uncle Paka

If you didn't know my little brother Lopaka
dances for a polynesian group
and he is really good.
(I wish I had a picture of him)
but this is Marcus wearing his fire knife t-shirt
just like uncle Paka!