Say Cheese!

First thing's first, for my supporters, Thank You! I think that Marcus is definitely trying to establish a sleep cycle, but I decided that it is absurd to expect him to sleep 13 hours straight! So he went to sleep at 7pm, woke up once at 3am and then at 7:30am! I really can't complain.

Today we went to Picture People in South Center Mall to take Marcus' 6 month pictures, that happened to be a "little" late (he will be 7 mo. on Thursday). I was very nervous, but it was very reasonable, and the pictures turned out GREAT!! He was such a good boy. You view your pics and get them within 15 mins. They print them there!! There is no sitting fee and you can buy sheets (8x10, 2 5x7, 8 wallets) for only $18 and there is no obligation to purchase anything!

I know this is totally illegal, but I had to! I took pictures of the pictures, they don't look as good as the originals, but you get the point!


  1. They turned out SO good!!! You BOTH look adorable! I am so glad it was a good experience for you.

  2. Love them all, you look great Kamaile! Marcus is such a happy boy - it's because he has great parents! Miss you all!

  3. Adorable pictures. I loved getting 6 month photos done...just perfect timing for the little guys, huh?
    Congrats on a good sleeper...only waking up once is not bad at all! You're my hero :)
    He is a dang cutie!

  4. Such a cute kid!!! He looks so happy! He sounds like Tru, I've been putting him down at 7 pm and he gets up once between 3-4 and then up again around 7 or later. Totally doable. I read somewhere that when they are about 9 months they usually end that once a night waking, so something else to look forward to!

  5. i love your pictures! you look soo good! we're going to take some tomorrow:) i'm excited!
    hope your lesson goes well on sunday. i'll talk to you soon.
    LOVE U.

  6. AAYYEEE!!! So cute!!! What a great deal! I think I need to move to Seattle...do you really love it?! We were actually thinking of heading there...I love GLOOMY weather. :) Marcus is a handsome little fella! :)