Fun in the Sun

So first thing's first: I fit into another pair of pre-preggo pants yesterday!! woo hoo!

Ok! I'm ready now, had to get that out of my system. So, after an excruciating long winter we had our first gorgeous weekend! (don't get too excited the next week is supposed to rain everyday). Friday and Saturday, and so far today were absolutely wonderful. Friday when Cameron came home from work we went with Tom and Heather and the boys to the park. Cam and Tom played basketball and the rest of us soaked in the sun! Yesterday during the morning and early noon it was sunny and yet cool, upper 50's, so Cam, Tom, Preston, Branden and I went to Twin Rivers Golf Course, (my father-in-law recently took a part-time job there so he could get free golf. go figure, he retired less than a month ago.) to hit a couple of buckets of balls. I was surprised that I could still hit the ball, about 125 yards! My dad would be so proud of me right now!
I couldn't resist this picture: Tom & his white legs!

Later that afternoon, Cam, Marcus and I met Jason, Sissel and the cousins at the Woodland zoo in Seattle. What a great day to go...except everyone else thought that too! It took hours to get there! Traffic, parking, and then we had to wait in line to get into the zoo. I found the hidden line, so we didn't have to wait that long! ;o) (No! I didn't cut...I promise!) It made it to 80 degrees and it felt so nice! By the end of the day we all had red-ish faces and Marcus even got to tan his legs!

Sissel let us borrow her "jumper" for Marcus to use. You thought he liked his walker...He LOVES the jumper!! Here is a glimpse of what will soon be my Best Friend!! See for yourself!


  1. Love the pics girlie! It looks like you guys did a great job at taking advantage of the sun! And the pics of Tom's white legs....priceless. Although mine would be the same, along with all the other Washington peeps.

    Marcus in the jumparoo is too cute! He is such a happy baby!

  2. how frekin' cute is he in the jumper thingy!! lol... kisses for marcus!!

  3. Oh and congrats on fitting into pre-preg pants, you rock! You think the aerobics is paying off? I think so!!!!!!

  4. I love the pictures of Marcus' cute legs. We should have let you use our jumperoo. That is my favoriet toy I ever bought Preston and I can't wait to use it again. It's so funny to watch them in it.

    Poor handprint - Tom will be sad :(

    And yes - aerobics is paying off - and I love having you and April there!

  5. i love all these pics.
    you guys look great!