Where's my Snack Pack

Lately, if Marcus is good and eats all of his lunch or dinner, he gets a snack. It has been Jello or pudding. After lunch today, he had chocolate pudding, and when he was done he threw the cup.(probably because he wanted more!) Cameron and I looked all around the kitchen and couldn't find it!!! It couldn't have just disappeared! I feared I would have some cleaning to do, when I spotted it, nice and clean!!

It landed right in daddy's shoe. Better his than mine!!


Skate King

Friday night we had a date night/belated b-day party at Skate King.
I had never been rollerskating, so it took a few laps to get into it.
Cam and I had a blast and we never fell once!
Although he is still complaining that his
butt and legs are sore. That's what he gets for getting fancy!

22-3 weeks

...getting fat...


Heide Baby #2

Sucking fingers

If you don't already know,
we are expecting baby #2!
Today we had an ultrasound, and got so many good pictures. We even got to see some in 4-D. We are so excited, because everything looks super great and healthy. They even looked for club foot and we are in the clear! yay! Here are some pictures, and YES we did find out the Gender, but we aren't telling! I know, we suck, I would hate me too! ;o)



While we were in Utah, we took some family pictures.
Here is just a sneak peak.
I LOVE this little guy!


Kamahele's Baby Blessing

This past week we were able to fly into Utah for my nephew's baby blessing. The weather was so nice and warm, even though a few of them went to see snow because Paka has never seen it before, the best part was that my whole family was able to attend, even down to my sister's boyfriend and his sister. Needless to say, with 5 kids, 3 spouses, 3 grand kids, 1 boyfriend and 1 boyfriend's sister, we just HAD to rent a place for all of us to fit. And that is exactly what we did. It was so much fun to be with the whole family, I didn't realize how much I missed everyone!! Unfortunately Marcus ended up getting pneumonia on the second to the last day we were there...so typical. Don't worry he is getting much better!

This is the house we all piled in. There was a huge game room downstairs, and I beat Paka and Kahi on the basketball hoops! ;o)
This is the backyard that the kids called the park.The trampoline that Marcus was afraid of, and the fire pit where we made smores.Marcus at the park with the uncles.The WHOLE fam.Durrett FamClark (Maile) FamDave and MarisaCousins playing connect 4 but it was really just fill up all the open holes.making Marcus smileThis is my fav! kamahele's face is so cute! CousinsKamahele did a lot of sleeping!On the airplane!Alana and Avery (Amy' daughter)Alana and Amy