Attitude seems to be the word lately, but I am going to go with something a little less harsh and describe it as personality. So, Marcus has really been showing his personality lately. He gets so upset at things and extremely happy at others. He definitely tells us what he thinks!

We went shopping and we held different things in front of him. He got excited at some, and didn't even care at others! He has now discovered the chocolate chip cookie because he saw daddy eating one, so of course Cam gave him a little taste, and he went wild. He is gonna love his sweets! Here is a pic of the chocolate still on his face!
He is starting to grow up so fast. He has started to eat Cheerios and Kix for snacks now, and is doing pretty good (top teeth are coming in! Nightmare!!). And a couple of days ago we really caught him crawling. Usually he scoots but now we are worried!! Here we go!

The poor unsuspecting Kix box!


  1. Kids with "personality" are fun!! I love the grunting sounds of him tryign so hard to crawl. It is hard work for the little guy, but yeah, look out now, he'll be getting into everything just like Max!!! Pretty soon we'll find both of them conspiring on how they can climb to get the cookies. I thought Max crawling and cruising the furniture was trouble, yesterday he learned he can climb. He has hoisted himself onto the dishwasher door and Spencer's chair by his bed to reach whatever Daddy has left on his nightstand, yikes!!

  2. Dude...Cam...What's up? I can't believe you're a dad! You'll have to check out my crew.

    What have you been up to over the past few years!

    Peace out roomie!

  3. SO CUTE! The first video with the Kix box made me laugh out loud! I love it!

  4. Oh this makes me excited for the coming months!! That is hilarious with the kix box! What a cutie!