36 weeks

soon, but not soon enough!



The other day I took Marcus to the movie theatre for the first time to see Disney's "UP". I was so worried that he wouldn't sit through it or be scared, and inevitably lose my $7.50. (yes!!! $7.50 is what I said for a dang matinee) Luckily, kids under 3 are free.

But to my utter enjoyment, he loved it! He was a little scared at first but once the movie started and the snacks were brought out, he didn't want it to end. He even sat in the booster chair next to me.

I cried too, It really was a cute movie.

A Whale of a Tale

Right now in Washington, we are trying for a new record. The record is to beat 29 consecutive days of SUNSHINE! Kinda sad and pathetic, I know. However, it has been wonderful, except for a few scorchers. Needless to say, Marcus and I have been enjoying the nice weather by keeping cool in the pool and going to our new favorite park, the Whale Park in Crossroads. Marcus gets to run around and splash, and I get to sit and watch. It doesn't get much better than that!
Amalie, Kanoa and Kaimi- Thanks for going with us, we had lots of fun!!


Food for Thought

Just a blurb.
Couple of days ago we all went into Seattle to help Cam do some work. Needless to say it took a little longer than expected so daddy said we could all get ice cream cones from McDonalds. Before we pulled in, Marcus took one look at the Golden Arches and started smacking his mouth pointing and saying, "I want that." He was smiling and getting all giddy in his carseat I couldn't help but laugh.
I looked at Cameron and asked, "Am I a bad mom?"

Shake `n Go Cars

If you didn't realize, Marcus is obsessed with anything cars. Today we went to the Issaquah Pickering Barn Kid's Sale (also hosting tomorrow June 3) where everything is on consignment and gently used. We scored some cool toys like this Fisher Price race track and cars that go when you shake `em for $18. One of the best investments ever.

Cool Dude

Cam bought Marcus CARS shades, and now he won't take `em off.
Don't mess with him!

Let's go fly a kite

Cam flying a Hello Kitty Kite
I have been telling Cameron that I have been living in Washington for 2 years now, and haven't really seen much. So last month we went to Ocean Shores. Although it was the beach, it was extremely cold, but Marcus, once again loved it. He kept saying beach and wanted to go in the water. We played and flew kites, it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it got too late because FORKS (where Twilight is based) was about a half hour away. :o(

Quad Time with Daddy

Memorial Day Weekend we ventured out to Wishka Valley,
where Cam's brother lives and Marcus had such a good time.
Don't let that face fool you, He loved every second of it,
and didn't want to come off.
He kept saying "more, more".

Park Days

The weather has been so nice lately,
we have been out and about!
Marcus and Daddy at the Issaquah Train Station Park
The scary slide Park
in Maple Valley
Best Bud MAX
Bubble Time