Today's highlights

1. Today Marcus was feeling much better so we woke up and went to aerobics! Heather Matthews' taught, and we did upper body weights! I had a lot of fun! I am so excited that Cameron and I went to Joes to buy me some hand weights. I even got a new pair of pants!!
*don't worry the count down continues!

2. We went to see Marcus' orthopedic Dr. for his feet and she was so pleased with the progress that his feet are making; so we are in the clear for now! Whoo hooo!

3. Cameron started his first day at his new job (West Lake Concrete) today! He is really excited, so hopefully things will go smoothly. He got a new phone and I guess he will be getting a company car as well. The ever-so-lovely Matthews' Family came by to give Cameron some oh so necessary first-day-on-the-job gifts. They brought him some doughnuts and gatorade. (inside joke i guess!) so silly! :o)


  1. yay for aerobics, marcus' lil' feet, and cam's new job!
    i can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Aerobics was fun even though I sort of bailed on the weight segment. But now I have weights and a mat so I am ready to roll. I don't mean "roll" like I did over that poor kid who is now scarred for life and is probably having nightmares from our run in. :o)

  3. Hey there chica! It sounds like you are getting used to things over there in C-town.. I'm a little bummed that you guys aren't moving back but at least it gives me more people to visit when I go home! I'm coming out there in Aug or early Sept for my ten year reunion. I'm getting so old. Anyways miss you guys. Tell Cam good luck with his new job. Hopefully he'll stick with this one longer than a year...he he.. j/k we wish you guys the best!

  4. hi kamaile cute page! and congrats on the new job, i hope it works out great for you guys

  5. Kamaile!
    Duh! How can I forget! Oh my gosh...what are you doing in the snow?! And you're hilarious, the last time we ran into each other was at worship through music for the stake! I think you were in the first half of your pregnancy. Very fun blog! Can you tell Pomai I can't see her blog! How am I supposed to say HI?! :D
    Take care!