Oh Hail No!

ok. so i was under the impression that we had just entered "spring". you know i'm new to the whole mainland thing and not to mention the different weather etiquette. apparently, "spring" doesn't mean anything. everyone here says, because washington has a tendency to be...ummm...i dunno gray and rainy, not to worry because july 5th means summer. well, i guess winter was officially over, until i looked outside, and realized i was wrong. i get so confused, but i guess that is just the local girl in me. hawaii-blues skies and sunshine year round, sun with rain! man, there's no place like home!


  1. Hey Kamaile!! Your little guy is adorable!!! I'm glad you found me, this blogging thing is good for that! Congrats on your little family! So you left the island huh? We are in Las Vegas now, Trent is just working now, he's not going back to school. It's nice to be done with that for now. So you work for a magazine... my dream job! Way to go! I'm just staying at home with little Tru now! I think that little boys are the best too!

  2. "what the hail!" i love how you just film the ground, the brick wall, the house...haha. you dork.