I've been tagged by Aubrey-Lindsey Pomaika`ikamahiwahomaikalaulei`a Futral- My besses poopy in the whole wide world! ;)

5 things on my to do list today....1. pick up food for easter dinner, 2. buy mommy and marcus new easter outfits, 3. pick up our prescriptions, 4. take out the trash, 5. buy cam his jelly beans

What would you do if you had a million dollars?....since pomai said she would buy a yatch, i think i would save and invest all of my money, and mooch off of her and her yatch!

Three bad habits?.....1. thinking i know everything, that's a big one! 2. my lack of patience, especially with my husband! 3. anal. if i am in bed, i can't go to sleep unless i know everything is in order.

4 places I have lived......1. Hawaii, 2. Washington

5 jobs I have had.....1. Lead Writer and Editor for Hawaii Mrs Magazine. 2. Hostess-Ola Restaurant, Ruby Tuesday's 3. Assistant for Stubenberg & Durrett, Attorney at Law. 4. Polynesian Cultural center- Model, chee-whoo! 5.Volleyball Coach. These are just a few!

5 things people don't know about me...... 1. i have a farting problem. i can't help it! which may explain #2 2. i also have a pooping problem. can't hold much for long. 3. I'm very ticklish and i HATE to be tickled! 4. i love old movies 5. i snore! i hate that the most.

What is your hubby's name? Cameron Michael Heide

How long have you been married? this year will be 4 years! holy moly!

How old is he? soon to be 28 years young

Who eats more? him usually, but don't take me for granted!

Who said I Love You first? he did! it was actually a little awkward, because i think i knew i loved him, but i didn't say it for a little bit after! (yikes! that sounds kinda bad!)

Who is taller? Cameron by almost a foot!

Who sings better? i definitely do! and i am not just honking my own horn. sorry baby!

Who is smarter? he is a visual person, he sees it once, and will never forget. i am the opposite, if i read it i will never forget! we definitely equal each other out perfectly.

Who does the laundry? i do. he does only if i haven't, or i am out of town and he needs clean underwear. haha.

Who does the dishes? shared pretty equally.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? looking at the bed Cameron, laying on the bed, ME!

Who pays the bills? both make the money, both spend the money, and both pay the bills.

Who mows the lawn? He does, he likes that kind of thing. outdoors! i have once before, it was kinda fun.

Who cooks dinner? between the two of us...um...ME!

Who drives when you are together? both, but he hates when i drive, because i have a slight lead foot, and i hate when he drives because it is so slow! how slow? the guy has never gotten a speeding ticket...ever! old people put him to shame!

Who is more stubborn? me usually.

Who is the first to admit they are wrong? me. and i always apologize, and he says, for what? you don't have to, and that makes me more mad.

Who proposed? cameron.

Who has more friends? sorry, but i do!

Who has more siblings? i do!

Who wears the pants in the family? we both do! but usually what i say goes! hehe ;)

6 people I tag...
b and amy
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  1. Kamaile,
    Of course I remember who you are!! I love being able to catch up with people we knew in Hawaii through something so silly as a blog! Your son is so adorable...about a year younger than ours...and born the same size :)
    We are in Orem, Utah right now waiting for Ifraz go get into his Master's program for school.
    Keep us posted - love your blog!!
    ~JaiCi & Ifraz Razak (and Navi J)

  2. haha! that was soo funny, you freakin moocher! lol. i am sooo excited to see you!!! 3 and a half more weeks...but who's counting?

  3. You!!!! I promise I will get to this.