Aloha to Aloha

I thought this was so sad!
Having serviced the people of Hawai`i for over 60 years, Aloha Airlines says "aloha" to the Hawaiian skies. It saddens me to see that the people and businesses that originated in Hawai`i and have kept the people of Hawai`i employed, fail to succeed due to competition from outside sources. It is inevitable, and yet devastating to traditions and culture. I hope that the true aloha spirit and culture will never be lost! It is truly a unique and one-of-a-kind attribute that makes Hawai`i, Hawai`i:my home!  Unfortunate!

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  1. Sad...I liked their guava juice!! fyi..we changed our blog to private cause the other day a random, psycho-looking haole lady left one comment on one of our posts....sooooo, to be safe we goin undercover style! send ur email to my email= kutanase(at)hotmail(dot)com