So first thing's first!

1. The volleyball team/league that I play with had our championship game tonight. We were first seat and favored to win, and we LOST! talk about complete devastation! Apparently every season we make it to the finals with this particular team and lose! i am so bummed, but not to worry we will seek revenge! 

Props: to my girl AJ who came out to play tonight and rocked it. I am so looking forward to spring season with you!

2. The cutest thing happened just now, my father-in-law who is completely computer illiterate, was using the computer (shock!) and when he went to close out, he had received a spam banner that was flashing in bright neon, that he had just won a laptop! Well, Cameron had just left, and I was downstairs and he started calling my name. When I came upstairs he stood in the hall pointing at the computer! I had to tell him that he didn't really win, and unfortunately it was a spam. Oh, if you could've seen his face! He was so bummed. He walked away shaking his head saying, "I really thought it was legit!" so cute ya!!


  1. Sorry about the loss. :o(

    That is SO funny about your father in law. It sounds like something you'd see in a movie. :o)

  2. Hello! I don't think you remember me but I remember seeing you around on campus at BYUH! Glad to see that your family is doing great! Just wanted to drop by and say hi!

  3. Hey thank you! I am soo looking forward to seeing you everyweek. We need to get together outside of volleyball.
    *So sad about Cam's dad!