Happy Easter!

This is Marcus is his cute Easter outfit vest thing. Poor guy was so tired he couldn't even make it home. The best part is, we live seriously like 5 minutes away from church!

Me in my new Easter Dress. With the goof ball smile!

Happy Easter everyone!
I am excited because in just a little bit we will be having a feast! yum! Anyway, so last night was probably one of the worst nights we have ever had. Marcus just didn't want to go to sleep. He only wanted to be with me. So, needless to say I am a little tired, but not tired enough to miss out on giving my chessiest, goof-ball pose! So there!
That is a picture of my new easter dress. I was so excited about it, because I wasn't going to buy one, but when I went to Fred Meyer to buy groceries, I found it! And the best part was that is was 50% off! So it was about $30! deal!
So I was telling Cameron, (and ladies you can relate) one of the worst things is to go somewhere thinking you look great, and someone else is wearing your dress!!! For many of you that don't know where we live is the 2nd richest zip code in the US. (98075- Microsofties!) Everyone is so rich up here it is sick! Well, so when I made the comment about maybe someone having my dress, Cameron laughed and said not to worry because I got my dress from Fred Meyer!!! The very appeal to my excitement, is the very reason why someone around here would despise it! So, I guess i'm safe! Although, a few ladies told me my dress was nice and when I told them it was from Fred Meyer, they were just blown away! so HA!


  1. i LOVE your new dress! and you look soo good! you're losing all your weight!

  2. I told you I LOVE your dress! You woudl never guess it was a Fred Meyer special, so chic! Work it girl!!!

  3. I love that you are writing a blog :) I love clothes from Fred Meyer too!

  4. Three good things: 1)hooray for you guys getting your blog up and running, 2) hooray for cute Easter dresses (not easy to find, especially cheap ones), and 3) hooray for Cam's new job! We should celebrate! :)

  5. You so look like your mom.