Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Shopping, shopping, shopping! Probably the scariest 3 words a man can hear!

Well, today Marcus and I went on a "play date". It was actually a little bit for me and a little bit for him. We went to the North Bend Outlet Mall with our friend, "April fresh" and her two kids Allie and Max! we had a lot of fun!! I got a pair of pants at Gap for $7.99 and Marcus got new pj's! And it snowed on us a few times, can you believe it?!

Well, I guess we wore the kids out because on the way home Max (11months) and Marcus were sitting in their car seats next to each other talking up a storm. When one cried the other watched intently, when the other stopped the other began. It was cute. But suddenly the talking stopped, and both Marcus and Max had zonked out!! it was so cute! poor guys!


  1. Hi Kamaile...I'm adding you to my blogspot list okay? :) Your postings are sooo funny. My page is lame...but someday (not any time soon) it should pick up. Luv, Kea

  2. That was SO much fun!! The boys look so cute sleeping. Max almost looks like he's pretending, he looks so stiff. You'll have to send me the pics, you know, so I can post them on my blog too. :o) Ally also had so much fun with Marcus, she can't wait to play with him again. I told her we were going to go do aerobics with you and she asked "And Baby Marcus?"

  3. i got some deals too! yay for sales!!!