Spring Snow!?

Yes! Spring Snow! We are almost to April and we are still getting snow. The past few days have been so weird. We went out Friday night and when we came home snow was dumping! It was so weird and then it snowed again last night. Our friend's tree in the front yard even fell over and blocked the front door. This is so bizarre!


  1. Yet still you're wearing short sleeves. Are you sure you are not from here? :o)

    Thanks for letting me steal the pics of the boys. I think we need to add them to facebook too, because they are too cute not to share!!

  2. I think we got it right after you guys, because we ended up with 4 inches yesterday! Thank heaven the sun is out today and it is melting fast! I guess Vegas won't be so bad after all...but come July/August I may be singing a different tune! Keep in touch! Love your blog!

  3. You look so cute in that pic in the snow! We've been getting more hail then snow here in Kent, but the girls still put their boots and coats and mittens on to play. I know....sounds pathetic. I guess living in Washington you just get tired of being inside that you'll go outside in any kind weather! ;)