Jolly `ole St. Nick

Last weekend, our Church had our annual Christmas Breakfast, and as always Santa Clause made his appearance. Marcus didn't want to get near him and instead of crying he went limp. His whole body went limp, and we had to drag him away...However, Lohena had no problem. This year Nana and Grandpa came with us and so did our dear friend Erika and her beautiful daughters, Kai and Makana. Marcus absolutely loves these girls. When it was time to say good bye he chase both sisters down and gave them great big kisses on the lips. He looked really pleased with himself.
This year our ward participated in "The Giving Tree" where all donations directly benefited Issaquah Food Bank. Our family participated by granting 2 wishes for different children. My heart broke when I read their Christmas wishes!
14 year old girl- new underwear and socks
14 year old boy- boxers
Often times we are so caught up in the material items and what we want that we don't even stop to think about others. 2 teenagers, and all they want is some new underwear. I am grateful for all that I have and I am grateful that I can give my children what they want; BUT I really hope that what they learn most about Christmas is GIVING!
I hope everyone has used this season to give service to someone else. Don't worry, if you haven't done so, there is still time!!
Happy Holiday's!

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