It's getting cold

It has really started to get cold here again. I can easily say, not my most favorite time of the year, nevertheless a change. A change that welcomes frosty lawns, icy driveways, warmer clothes and shorter days (the shorter days, is the one that kills me).

Needless to say, we have found ourselves, bundled up in bed and never leaving the house most of the days. Which means we have to fill our short, cabin-fever days with exciting new tricks. Yes, tricks. Hand-painting (I was nervous the entire time), baking (Marcus' favorite), crafting (my favorite) and cleaning (Cameron's favorite- keeps me from going out and spending money!)
CUTE STORY: The other day we were driving and it got really foggy.
Marcus: mommy, snow!
Me: no, it's fog buddy.
Marcus: WHAT?
Me: FOG!
Marcus: WHAT?
Me: FOG!
Marcus: WHAT?
Me: FOG!
Marcus: (nodding his head) OH YA! RIBBIT!
(he though I said Frog!)

Here are some of the things we have filled our short, dark, gloomy,
(well, you get the point) days with.
I don't know why they love this so much!
Wrapping other people's presents when the kids are awake.
This kid moves around so much, he gets stuck in the weirdest places!
Brotherly LOVECameron gave Marcus a pair of his basketball socks and he has
been obsessed with them. Wears them everywhere!
Lots of dancing, and apparently I'm not allowed to dance anymore!Just laying around!

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