Hau`oli La Hanau

thank you for all that you stand for. thank you for letting me sleep in on saturdays (and letting the filipinos do all the hard work), for teaching me how to change a flat and check the oil, for engaging me in brain-stimulating debates, for teaching me to love sports, for reading all of my papers in school, for coming to everything i ever participated in, for setting the standard high for my husband, for being a great grandpa, for being technologically inclined, for trying to be helpful by cooking, for waking up early with me so we could wave signs at Hoala, and for camping with me in the DMV so i could get my license. these are just a few things that meant a lot to me and stuck with me over the years!
you are a smart, hard-working, God-loving man, and we are all better people because of you. i love you! hope you have a great day!
happy birthday papa!