Bellevue Botanical Gardens- D`Lights

Every year the Bellevue Botanical Gardens does a fantastic night show. It is amazing. Most of the "greenery" is not even draped over exisitng plants, but instead it is crafted out of lights to look like plants, flowers and the occasional "critter". It costs about $60,000 to put on, so they ask for a simple $1 donation. That, we could do. Talk about sensory overload, Marcus was screaming in the car as we got close to the lights. Needless to say it was aboslutely amazing, creative, and fun family time. If you live near, check it out!


  1. haha sensory overload!!! that was soo cool! thanks for taking us!

  2. moosh! you hott mama! you look so good! love u and we need to talk!