Aunty "Ani" & Uncle 'Tyter"

For the thanksgiving week my little sister, Alana and her husband, Tyler drove up from Utah to spend it with us. WE were so glad they could make it here safely, and that the weather was nice enough to do some sight-seeing. Marcus had a blast with them, and was comfortable the minute he saw them, especially Tyler. The morning they left on the dreaded 13 hr. drive, Marcus woke up and said, "mommy, where'd dey go?" I responded thinking we were gonna have another "piko incident" and said, "awww...they went home." He looked down, was really sad for a moment then looked at me and said, while jumping, "mommy, EAT!" and that was that.

we LOVE you guys, come back soon!


  1. we love and miss everyone already! Thanks for letting us come to stay and crash your thanksgiving dinner with the heide family. It was so worth the drive! can't wait to see u guys soon!

  2. I love the pictures! why do all durrett girls have such great hair? I'm so jealous.